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The Great Pyramid, according to hieroglyphics found at the structure's base, was built primarily to attract mystically disappearing socks so that they could be restored to their owners.
8221; Its witty nature makes the sock purchasing experience enjoyable from the time you start browsing until the time your Random Socks arrive in the mail.
This is the area in which you describe the sensation of socks bunching up.
Other national brands of socks that leverage Milliken's VisaEndurance odor-fighting technology will be available this winter.
com offers over 200 styles and 15 brands to choose from, spanning staples from Hugo Boss and Perry Ellis to trendy Happy Socks, Richer Poorer, Pact, Unsimply Stitched and Sock it to Me.
Consumer benefits of A+ socks featuring Innova include:
Socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters across the USA.
To help the Hogans serve more soldiers with new socks, Renfro Corporation, a global leader in the legwear industry, is launching a pre-holiday offer to benefit the military.
While socks complement Sorel's footwear collection, the design and production of performance cold-weather and work pro socks are highly specialized.
The Sock Cop is the creation of Tampa police officer Rich O'Connor, who after his wife, mother of their family of six, became frustrated with constantly losing socks, began tinkering in the garage and came up with the idea.
While little thought is usually given to selecting yet another pair of black dress socks, Gold Toe's newest socks prove there really is a difference.
In a nod to Heather and her husband's passion for sailing, Heather made sure to add a line of nautical socks for men, women and children.
For the millions of Americans who suffer from Athlete's Foot, foot infections and even excessive foot odor, the cure could be as easy as changing their socks -- if they put on socks made with a new, high-tech fiber.
To remedy the problem, Hanes unveiled its latest creation - Double Tough Socks for men and boys, featuring double the reinforcement where it counts - the heels and toes.