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sob story

A sad story told in an attempt to generate sympathy for the storyteller. Don't come in tomorrow without your final project. I don't want to hear any sob stories about how you forgot it at home.
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sob (one's) heart out

To cry for an extended period of time. Poor Jane really sobbed her heart out during the funeral service. I can't watch those sappy movies because I just sob my heart out every time.
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son of a bitch

1. A mean, unpleasant, or despicable person. Sometimes abbreviated as SOB. (Usually, but not exclusively, said of a man.) Julie's ex-husband was such a mean son of a bitch, it's no wonder she divorced him. She can be a real SOB sometimes, but she gets the job done.
2. An emphatic expression of affection for a person one considers daring, mischievous, or tough. Sometimes abbreviated as SOB. (Usually, but not exclusively, said of a man.) That son of a bitch really pulled through for us when we needed him! I can't believe that lucky SOB won the case!
3. An object or task that is especially problematic. Sometimes abbreviated as SOB. My car broke down, and I can't figure out how to fix the son of a bitch! This project is turning out to be a real SOB.
4. An exclamation of anger, disgust, or dismay. Son of a bitch! My car got towed! My computer crashed again—son of a bitch!
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cry one's heart out

 and sing one's heart out; play one's heart out; sob one's heart out
Fig. to do something with vigor or intensity. She suffered such grief—alone and sobbing her heart out. The bird sang its little heart out each morning.
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sob oneself to sleep

to cry until one falls asleep. He sobbed himself to sleep for days after his grandpa died. The child sobbed himself to sleep night after night.
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sob something out

to speak something out while sobbing. Wally sobbed his story out while the police made notes. He sobbed out his sad tale.
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sob something to someone

to cry and tell one's troubles to someone. He is always sobbing his sad tale to anyone who will listen. Timmy sobbed his story to the teacher.
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sob story

Fig. a sad story that is likely to draw tears. I've heard nothing but sob stories today. Isn't anybody happy? She had quite a sob story, and I listened to the whole thing.
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son of a bitch

1. Inf. a very horrible person. (Use with caution. Usually intended as a strong insult. Never used casually.) Bill called Bob a son of a bitch, and Bob punched Bill in the face. This guy's a son of a bitch. He treats everybody rotten.
2. Inf. a useless thing. This car is a son of a bitch. It won't ever start when it's cold. This bumpy old road needs paving. It's a real son of a bitch.
3. Inf. a difficult task. This job is a son of a bitch. I can't do this kind of thing. It's too harda real son of a bitch.
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sob story

A tale of personal hardship, true or invented, that is intended to arouse pity in the listener. For example, She always came up with some sob story to excuse her absences, but no one believed her . [Early 1900s]
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son of a bitch

Also, SOB; son of a gun. A mean, disagreeable individual, as in He was regarded as the worst son of a bitch in the industry, or He ran out on her? What an SOB, or He's a real son of a gun when it comes to owing you money. The first of these terms, calling a man the son of a female dog, dates from the early 1300s and is considered vulgar enough to have given rise to the two variants, both euphemisms. The first variant, an abbreviation, dates from World War I. The second, first recorded in 1708, gave rise to the theory that it originally applied to baby boys born at sea (in the days when women accompanied their husbands on long voyages). The explanation seems unlikely, especially since presumably some of the babies were girls. It also once meant the illegitimate son of a soldier (or "gun"). More probably, however, son of a gun evolved simply as a euphemism for the first term and appealed because of its rhyme. Both it and son of a bitch are also put as interjections expressing surprise, amazement, disgust, or disappointment, as in Son of a bitch! I lost my ticket, or I'll be a son of a gun! That must be the governor.
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cry your heart out


sob your heart out

COMMON If you cry your heart out or sob your heart out, you cry a lot. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. I threw myself on to the bed and cried my heart out. I had never known her cry, and here she was sobbing her heart out. Compare with your heart out.
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sob your ˈheart out

cry noisily for a long time because you are very sad: After the argument she spent an hour sobbing her heart out in the bedroom. OPPOSITE: laugh your head off
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a ˈsob story

(informal, disapproving) a story that somebody tells you so that you will feel sorry for them, especially one that does not have that effect or is not true: Then she gave me another of her sob stories, this time about an argument with her boyfriend.
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n. a son of a bitch; a despised person, usually a male. (Initialism only. Crude. Also a rude and provocative term of address.) Tell that SOB to mind his own business.

sob sister

n. a weak woman who is prone to crying. I had another sob sister in the office today. Went through half a box of tissues.
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sob story

n. a sad story that is likely to draw tears. I’ve heard nothing but sob stories today. Isn’t anybody happy?
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son of a bitch

1. n. a despicable person, usually a male. (Rude and derogatory. Abbreviated SOB.) Tell that son of a bitch to get out of here, but fast.
2. n. old buddy. (Used between close male companions.) Where you been keeping yourself, you son of a bitch?
3. exclam. Dammit! (Usually objectionable. Usually Son of a bitch!) Son of a bitch! I didn’t even see that car pull out.
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sob sister

Someone devoted to charities, or (less charitably) a do-gooder. Originally a newspaper reporter or editor, invariably a woman, whose assignment was to produce sentimental stories and interviews that would appeal to female readers. By extension, the phrase came to mean any overly emotional person, whether male or female, especially one involved in charitable and public service efforts where sad tales of the recipients would tug on their heartstrings.
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References in periodicals archive ?
As he stood in the dock, Muldoon sobbed as he attempted to make eye contact with a tearful group who had gathered in the public gallery.
In the magazine interview Ms Woodburn said: "I was interviewed by the Merseyside police and although they were terribly nice, I sobbed throughout the interview.
Arenas' mother sat in the back row of the courtroom and sobbed.
THE mother of missing Madeleine McCann sobbed yesterday as she made an emotional return to the town where the little girl vanished.
Michael Jackson sobbed and shook when the mother of a boy he allegedly molested refused to let him share the singer's bed, a court has heard.
A DISABLED woman sobbed yesterday as she recalled crying out in pain as her doctor had sex with her.
Eastenders star Barbara Windsor sobbed her heart out after playing the harrowing scenes in which she poured scorn on AIDS victim Mark Fowler.
The digger driver sobbed as the jury found him guilty of murder at Lewes crown court.
The illusionist sobbed after being pulled from his aquarium by divers two minutes before his goal.
LANCASTER - The grief-stricken widow of a popular youth football coach sobbed in court Friday as she recounted how a family outing to a bowling alley turned tragic when a drunk driver slammed into the family van.
DISTRAUGHT Anastasia sobbed after song mistake; FINAL IN SIGHTS Boy band Priority; LET IT BE ME Ruth fears Brits will not take her to hearts
But the arthritis specialist, who practices in Northridge, sobbed once as jurors were polled, pronouncing his estranged wife guilty of three counts of first-degree murder of their sons.
A MOTHER sobbed as details of how her daughter was allegedly gunned down by a former boyfriend were revealed in court yesterday.
THE Northern Bank heist trial heard yesterday how the hysterical wife of the manager sobbed uncontrollably after being held for 24 hours by the kidnap gang.
Both of the victim's brothers sobbed as they watched the birds take flight.