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soapbox orator

One who makes an impassioned, impromptu speech. (Soapboxes were once commonly used as makeshift platforms for such speeches.) It seems like there's a soapbox orator on every corner in this city. Sorry, I couldn't hear you over that soapbox orator who's ranting about the government.
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get on your soapbox

to start expressing strong opinions, especially about a subject that people are bored of hearing you speak about
Usage notes: A soapbox is a wooden box that people stood on in the past when they were making a speech in public.
It was that point in the evening when my father got on his soapbox and started lecturing us on the evils of the modern world.
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on one's soapbox

Expressing one's views passionately or self-importantly, as in Dexter can't resist getting on his soapbox about school expenditures. This expression comes from the literal use of a soapbox as an improvised platform for a speaker, usually outdoors. [Mid-1600s]
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on (one's) soapbox

Speaking one's views passionately or self-importantly.
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To maintain ground clearance (and prevent them from getting stuck on the starting ramp), soapboxes should sit at least 7" from the ground, and be no taller than 7' high.
and how soapboxes should be built -- with a four-wheel steering system and brakes.
Michael Collins, Bertrandt's head of marketing and human resources, said said: "The soapboxes are designed by some of the brightest minds within all of the companies which take part.
The company has launched its top 24 natural soaps in unique, colorful soapboxes (4.
He hopes politicians will not be tempted to turn up with their soapboxes.
Far Right forces are always trying to get him removed from these soapboxes.
Most of these poems are closer to the early Sandburg, the one-time Socialist Party organizer, who enjoyed telling old friends, "I planted a lot of soapboxes in Wisconsin.