soap down

soap someone or something down

to cover someone or something thoroughly with soap or suds. Mother soaped Timmy down and rinsed him off in warm water. she soaped down the floor.
See also: down, soap
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As reported by the Detroit Free Press, Planet Fitness permitted an anatomic male who looked like a large, tall man to use the locker room where women change, and even the showers where exercise buffs soap down after a workout.
You can't keep a good American soap down, and while a movie version with John Travolta was eventually cancelled, wise US TV bosses thought a revamped series would fare much better.
There's a lot of wasted soap because they'll have to clean it out or flush it every once in a while, so you just end up pouring the soap down the drain/' Heun says of bulk soap dispensers.
She joins the league of Bollywood's biggest heroines who have endorsed the beauty soap down the decades, including Madhubala, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla, Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya.
Rather than simply trotting out an extended sketch with songs, Wood has gone quite high-concept and the show opens with the cast of the long-axed soap down on their luck, reduced to accepting roles in a bleak modern opera.
CRAFTSMAN Stuart Eno is hoping to make a small fortune from cutting a top soap down to size.
Grayson's game is based on kicking, yet, given a false dawn by man-of- the-match Bentley's excellent second-minute try, he tried to move the bar of soap down the line at every oppportunity.
Lord Brocket offered to soap down a G-string-clad Alex after her Bushtucker Trial on the reality TV show.
Lord Brocket offered to soap down a G-string-cladAlex after her Bushtucker Trial on the hit reality TV show.