soak off

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soak something off (of) something

 and soak something off
to remove something, such as a label or surface soil, from something by soaking in a liquid. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she soaked the labels off the bottles and jars. Please soak off the label.
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Flake away all those dead cells and leave your skin glowing and healthy looking with this scrub, which doubles as a bath oil - just massage onto damp skin, then soak off in the tub.
The Featherlight Nail Kit offers "superthin" French manicure nails, which are said to protect natural nails so that they can grow and to soak off 30% faster than other artificial nails.
I try and throw all dirty pots after use into a rain barrel to soak off any dirt.
I had hoped to obtain a Beefeater Gin label in order to get a picture to illustrate this story, but after emptying three bottles, I reluctantly decided that the labels wouldn't soak off.
Tiles are conveniently packaged in bags so there's no need to soak off backings.
If you've made a hash of gluing on false nails, get the Bio-Sculpture Nail Soak Off Kit, pounds 25.