soak off

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soak something off (of) something

 and soak something off
to remove something, such as a label or surface soil, from something by soaking in a liquid. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she soaked the labels off the bottles and jars. Please soak off the label.
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I had hoped to obtain a Beefeater Gin label in order to get a picture to illustrate this story, but after emptying three bottles, I reluctantly decided that the labels wouldn't soak off.
Tiles are conveniently packaged in bags so there's no need to soak off backings.
If you've made a hash of gluing on false nails, get the Bio-Sculpture Nail Soak Off Kit, pounds 25.
Simply put your oven (or barbecue) racks in the bag, add the gel, seal the bag and leave the grime to soak off - it's that simple
He'd return several hours later as the rest of us were enjoying our cornflakes and put his clothes into a bucket of disinfectant to soak off the blood.