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I can tell the difference between the peaceful practice of a civilized religion and an extremist offshoot of hate-filled so-and-sos.
It seems the only people pleased about this mess are those smug so-and-sos who won speedboats on Bullseye all those years ago.
A thought above and beyond the internalised expletive-filled invective against drivers who insist upon pootling along at a blood-boiling 25mph in a 30 zone, the goons who don't indicate at roundabouts or those ignorant so-and-sos who can't even be bothered to raise a paw in gratitude when you graciously give them right of way.
When we spoke to Mrs Warnock she said she had told the Gazette about the theft, not for publicity, but to try to shame the little so-and-sos into bringing the bike back.
These little so-and-sos just know they're going to get away with it, and they know all they're going to get is a slap on the wrist.
You could have done so for small money at 7-1 on Betfair last night but there will be miles more sloshing around this morning when various cocky so-and-sos try to take me on.
Us mere mortals have branded some footballers as uncaring and greedy so-and-sos.
Nothing to do with us,guv, shall sayeth the min Cardiff Bay,it's all down to the idle,apathetic so-and-sos at home.
This hybrid of Location Location Location sees property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer advise these astute (and lucky) so-and-sos as they become double home-owning nouveau riche types.
THE National Lottery does more than make some lucky so-and-sos richer than their wildest dreams.
And tell the money-grabbing so-and-sos to go to Shell.
Meanwhile, there have been many other famous interviewees whose names I'd be more than happy never to hear mentioned again - needy, arrogant and self-absorbed so-and-sos who appear to go through life looking at themselves in mirrors and listening to the sound of their own voices.
Only a pragmatic mathematician would assume sixth formers are such calculating little so-and-sos their A level choices are based solely on playing the numbers game.
We've had emails from people who were coming from Newcastle telling us we were liars, telling us what so-and-sos we were.