so the story goes

so the story goes

It is being said or rumored that this is the case, whether or not it is true. After filing for bankruptcy, the CEO fled the country and lives as a farmer in Tibet—so the story goes, anyway.
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so the story ˈgoes...


the story ˈgoes (that)...

used to describe something that people are saying, although it may not be correct: He used to be a doctor, or so the story goes.
See also: story
References in classic literature ?
Besides, you know, some of the Catholic gentlefolks have actually sent trinkets and suchlike down here for safety--at least, so the story goes.
There was, so the story goes, in a village near his own a very good-looking farm-girl with whom he had been at one time in love, though, so far as is known, she never knew it nor gave a thought to the matter.
Quitzel, so the story goes, wanted to be the chief god, and when the image of a rival was set up in the temple near him, he toppled over in anger, and part of the temple went with him, the whole place being buried in ruins.
That's the reason, so the story goes, Roxas overtook Sen.
The Great Good Thing, so the story goes, was a charming but financially unsuccessful tale.
The vestment was protected, so the story goes, by the Lord, who sent through the window a sunbeam on which the chasuble rested until someone could take it away.
Insurance companies previously had been able to keep their malpractice premiums artificially low by investing in the skyrocketing stock markets, so the story goes, but since those markets went sour, insurers have been forced to charge the "real" cost o f paying for malpractice awards.