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And we, the readers/spectators, are there for the show "You love that filthy shit," the Cutter chides her doctor, in a chilly reference to his snuff film vice.
Whether you want those qualities in a movie about a motel where snuff films are made is the question.
Among the food scolds, the Center for Science in the Public Interest called the sandwich the culinary equivalent of a snuff film.
It's a hilarious and biting satire on a very violent and gory snuff film.
It's nothing more than a snuff film," wrote Mark McGuire of the Times Union in Albany, N.
To support his contention that the Lao government was massacring ethnic Hmong, Vang produced a grainy videotape that resembled a `70s snuff film minus the music.
The first one, Snuff, released in 1976, actively sought to create scandal by its aggressive marketing (see Scott Aaron Stine: "The Snuff Film.
Saying that a snuff film or a rap lyric offends public morality offends the civil libertarian in us, an overdeveloped part of our collective personality.
AN online paedophile had a snuff film showing the rape and murder of a mother and her infant child in his collection of sickening images.
During the trial, his defence lawyer said someone else attacked her for warning Chartres-Abbot he was going to be killed in a snuff film.
Better that they be remembered for their real lives and deeds than for this manipulative snuff film.
What the critics said: `` `Saw' has art-house ambitions, but it's nothing but a glorified snuff film.
I will then be in a better position to discuss the picture in relation to snuff film mythology--undoubtedly the most extreme case of "cinematic realism" in the horror genre.
For one thing, as several technological experts have pointed out, the phone-line transmission may not be immune to hacking or decryption--raising the prospect of a McVeigh snuff film in the near or distant future.
Is the snuff film a "horrible aberration" (224), as much popular media and the occasional police investigator would have us believe?