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snub out

1. To extinguish a cigarette, cigar, or some other smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface; stub something out: When the "No Smoking" sign lit up, we snubbed out our cigarettes. I took the cigarette and snubbed it out on the wall before the teacher saw me.
2. Slang To kill someone; murder someone: The gangsters snubbed the witness out. The mobsters snubbed out the competition.
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snub up

To anchor something, such as a vessel, by wrapping a line around a post or cleat: The dock workers took a line and snubbed up the boat. I snubbed the boat up and went ashore. As we came in, one of the crew jumped onto the pier, grabbed a line, and snubbed up.
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Tallon, 66, from Coventry, had been snubbed by the Royal Family ever since he wheeled a frail Princess Margaret into the media glare last year.
It got snubbed in the Best Picture category, but Gods and Monsters, about gay film director James Whale (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Show Boat), did get three major nominations.
net Travel SECTION STARTS PAGE 27 Snubbed Brum will not forget
Some Scottish coaches are furious that home-grown stars such as vicecaptain Fraser Watts have been snubbed for the April qualifiers.
So where does this leave ``Dreamgirls,'' the movie that had been considered a shoo-in for a Best Picture nod but was snubbed by Oscar voters?
EUROPEAN Champions Liverpool have been snubbed in this year's New Year's Honours List - sparking anger and bewilderment.
When surveyed, study participants who had been snubbed felt a pain in their legs.
PAOLO DI CANIO has revealed he had snubbed two other Premiership clubs and teams overseas to play for Charlton.
Nottingham Forest boss Paul Hart, who now is hoping to sign the player on a short-term deal, claimed the player had snubbed Celtic but O'Neill has hit back saying it was the closure of the transfer window which foiled his plans.
The 2013 Oscar nominations were announced on Thursday, and a number of awards season favorites were snubbed.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON claimed Luis Suarez should never again play for Liverpool after the Uruguay striker snubbed Patrice Evra's handshake at Old Trafford.
BROADCASTING legend Archie Macpherson says Scottish Television have snubbed Rangers and Scottish football while ignoring the country's passion for the game.
EDUCATION Minister Batt O'Keefe snubbed most of the Protestant Churches in talks over the abolition of grants for faith-based schools, but met the controversial Orange Order instead.