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rip-snorting mad

Extremely angry and agitated; infuriated. My mom was rip-snorting mad when I came home drunk at 2 AM. You've got to learn to stay out of the boss's way when he gets rip-snorting mad like that.
See also: mad

snort at someone or something

to show one's displeasure with someone or something by snorting. The customer snorted at the waiter for his surliness. The customer snorted at the prices and walked out.
See also: snort


n. a quick drink of whiskey from a bottle, flask, or jug. Jed offered the visitor a short-snort from a jar of shine.


1. tv. & in. to sniff (insufflate) a powdered drug, now usually cocaine. (Drugs.) Here, snort this.
2. n. a nasal dose of a drug, usually cocaine. I don’t want a snort. I’m clean, and I’m going to stay that way.
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She said the two drugs are taken differently, heroin is injected or smoked, known as "chasing the dragon", while cocaine is snorted.
Miguel joined only a small percentage of his peers when he snorted the potentially deadly powder.
Across the country, methylphenidate pills are crushed and snorted by those who would abuse them.
Writing in his upcoming autobiography, the eight times Grand Slam champion reveals he snorted the substance in 1997.
By spraying every flat surface in the toilet area the powder becomes sloppy so it can't be snorted.
HEALTH chiefs have banned potential blood donors who have snorted cocaine because they may have contracted HIV.
Moreover, the experimental injections represented only a single dose of snorted cocaine.
The IBTS now includes a question on the screening application for donors and asks: "In the last year, have you snorted cocaine or any other drug?