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catch a snooze

To sleep or take a nap, especially of a short duration. I prefer getting the bus to work in the morning rather than driving, because it gives me a chance to catch a snooze on the way.
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you snooze, you lose

If you wait too long to do something, that opportunity might become unavailable. The phrase can be used as a warning for events to come, or to describe past things that one has already missed. Come on, we have to get to the bakery early, before all the donuts are sold out! You snooze, you lose! A: "Aw man, I can't believe I missed the chance to meet my favorite author." B: "Well, you snooze, you lose."
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1. in. to sleep; to take a little nap. I snoozed a little bit before the party.
2. n. a little nap. Why not go up and take a little snooze?
3. n. something that is boring enough to put someone to sleep. The play was a snooze. I left before it was over.
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Baby Gilbert spent Friday snoozing contentedly in his mom's arms, oblivious to all the commotion he had caused.
For added snoozing comfort and insulation, bring an extra foam sleeping pad.
She sat on a courtroom bench talking with her sister in their native Armenian and snoozing while she waited for Municipal Court Judge Mary Thornton House to get to her case.
Today is the day for people who like to eat corn chips covered with chili, walk through a barn filled with snoozing pigs and scream themselves silly on carnival rides.
Some people even wear their sleep debt like a badge of honor, pooh-poohing snoozing as an activity for the wimpish and lazy.
Greenjeans, Bunny Rabbit, snoozing Grandfather Clock and Mr.
Sea lions snoozing on the sand roll their eyes lazily when you pass close by, then go back to sleep.
Since their son was snoozing, his folks decided to stay for `Terminator II.
Gieski has some suggestions how to prevent snoozing at the wheel.
Coach Dan Maye noticed the snoozing and met with the team for 15 minutes after the game.