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catch a snooze

To sleep or take a nap, especially of a short duration. I prefer getting the bus to work in the morning rather than driving, because it gives me a chance to catch a snooze on the way.
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you snooze, you lose

If you wait too long to do something, that opportunity might become unavailable. The phrase can be used as a warning for events to come, or to describe past things that one has already missed. Come on, we have to get to the bakery early, before all the donuts are sold out! You snooze, you lose! A: "Aw man, I can't believe I missed the chance to meet my favorite author." B: "Well, you snooze, you lose."
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1. in. to sleep; to take a little nap. I snoozed a little bit before the party.
2. n. a little nap. Why not go up and take a little snooze?
3. n. something that is boring enough to put someone to sleep. The play was a snooze. I left before it was over.
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Snooze Strap works equally well for single sleepers in large beds who want the ease it affords when making the bed, as the sheet and blanket are undisturbed on the unused side of the bed.
You decide how much a snooze is worth and when they've added up to PS1 you have the choice to donate that amount or reset to zero.
Snooze button ensures important emails are not forgotten in the pile up of new emails.
While chose Snooze, arguably the hippest breakfast place in town and now six restaurants strong, because she shares with founder Jon Schlegel a passion for helping the homeless.
No single invention has so perfectly captured the perverse power of the mind to defeat its own best intentions as the snooze button.
The index ranks all fifty states based on how often their residents choose to hit the snooze button and sleep for a few more minutes instead of getting up immediately.
With its sleek design, efficient space and integrated technology, best suited for passengers' needs, these snooze cabins are yet another addition to the host of passenger- friendly facilities being provided by DIAL at T3.
The weary wardens pulled up for a snooze in Long Lane, Ickenham, west London, at 2.
Sloth (laziness)--Science and engineering have enabled you more free-time to be both constructive and rigorously active than any other generation in history Yet you spend it on snooze patrol, you nap-time Nebuchadnezzar.
Pacific Internet (Australia), part of the Asia Pacific's largest telco-independent communications service provider (CSP) by geographic reach, Pacific Internet Limited (NASDAQ:PCNTF , has commenced a 70-site managed connectivity and security roll out for Capt'n Snooze, the national bedding franchise, as part of a 36 month contract.
Nothing is better for beauty than a good night's snooze.
I feel a snooze coming on because this sounds like angels on a pinhead.
coquereli sleep by themselves, but among the northwestern group, four to eight lemurs pile into a single nest to snooze.
Instead of slapping the snooze button, Edward Stepanski, a neuroscientist at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center advises, "Set your clock for when you have to get up.