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snoop around (something)

to look around in a place, trying to find out something secret or about someone else's affairs. Why are you snooping around my house? I am not snooping around.
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snoop into something

to pry into something or someone else's affairs. I wish you would stop snooping into my business! Whose affairs are they snooping into now?
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1. in. to prowl around looking for something. What are you snooping around here for?
2. n. someone who prowls around looking for something. Fred is just a snoop. He went through my desk!
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First, snooping in romantic relationships is normative- two thirds of the undergraduates in this study reported having snooped.
For example, 66 percent of the respondents reported that they had snooped.
Table 1 Why Undergraduates Snooped N = 268 Reason Percent "I am just curious" 40% "I suspected my partner was cheating" 29% "I have always been a snoop.