snoop around

snoop around (something)

to look around in a place, trying to find out something secret or about someone else's affairs. Why are you snooping around my house? I am not snooping around.
See also: around, snoop
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We've had a snoop around, but they don't seem to have left anything.
Surely the RBS boss realises people don't want to have their noses rubbed in his grotesque wealth by paying pounds 6 for a snoop around his shrubbery.
While Kay, 37, will snoop around stars' lavish pads for clues - using snobby Grossman's famous catchphrase: "Who would live in a house like this?
My husband recently gave me his Facebook password for something, and while I was logged in I had a snoop around his messages.
Later Amy, 27, went off for a snoop around and found herself in a room with a well-stocked mini-bar - so took a few souvenirs back to her room.
But we do know that the chance to snoop around other people's homes accompanied by a tart commentary from Dave Lamb always makes for an undemanding TV dinner and there's no washing up to do afterwards.
As a bonus in this show, we also get to snoop around Kirstie's old flat that she plans to let, and find out how to make sure your prospective tenants can't sue you when they've been electrocuted by your toaster.
Tonight there's another chance to snoop around Anthea's spotless Surrey mansion with its home cinema and two kitchens as two more desperate housewives, Jane and Hilary, are taught the correct use of coat-hangers and how to get chocolate mousse out of a white carpet.
He adds: "I had a good snoop around and tried to look in the fridges but they were locked.
Estate agent Paul Tandy said: "We've had a snoop around but they don't seem to have left anything.
Meanwhile, Jay James from the Over-25s category was thrilled to meet mentor Sinitta and have a snoop around her ex-boyfriend Simon's Los Angeles mansion.
But when Ronnie gives nothing away, a suspicious Roxy decides to snoop around Aleks's bedroom.
COPACABANA PALACE (9pm BBC2) IF YOU'RE anything like us you'll love a good snoop around a posh hotel to see how the other half live.
If this happens, the others would think twice when someone orders them to illegally snoop around.
Do your homework: Jenny Buchannan, personal shopper at the Calvin Klein Underwear store in Liverpool One recommends being prepared: "Have a snoop around before you go shopping so you know you've got her size right; this is where most people tend to go wrong.