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snitch on someone

to tattle on someone. You wouldn't snitch on me, would you? Timmy snitched on his older brother.
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snitch on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: She snitched on the coworker who had been stealing petty cash. He snitched on his little brother for breaking the vase.
See also: on, snitch


1. n. an informer. Who needs a snitch? If he can’t keep his mouth shut, he can beat it.
2. in. to inform (on someone). (Often with on.) The cops were waiting for us. Who snitched?
3. tv. to steal something. Why don’t you snitch the salt from one of the other tables?
4. n. a theft. (Underworld.) The snitch went off without a hitch.
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The second scenario involves specific communities that discourage their members from assisting the police, with a particular focus on the Stop Snitching movement in high-crime neighborhoods.
To examine this phenomenon in some depth, this Section focuses largely on one example of such particularized distaste for informants: the Stop Snitching movement, in which residents of high-crime communities discourage community members, law-abiding and law-breaking alike, from assisting the police.
In 2004, Rodney Bethea, a Baltimore barber and filmmaker, produced a DVD called Stop Fucking Snitching that followed a rapper named "Skinny Suge" through the streets of West Baltimore as he talked with residents, some of whom admitted to being involved in the drug trade, about police and informants.
One of the main questions surrounding the Stop Snitching movement is exactly what behavior it condemns.
140) With the term "snitching" so limited, these proponents argue that the Stop Snitching movement is a criticism of law enforcement policies that disproportionately impact minority communities and a plea-bargaining institution that unjustly allows criminals to avoid proper punishment for their crimes in exchange for the incarceration of others.
The distinction between criminal "snitches" and civilian "witnesses" is not borne out in the high-crime neighborhoods where the Stop Snitching movement has taken root, however.
Snitching helps the Government keep us more frightened of each other than of them.
The Electronic Snitching Device can track missing or stolen computers within five feet of its location globally.
The site first hit the headlines in January when Stop Snitching flyers were left near a murder scene in London where a 17 year-old, Sylvester Akapalara, had been shot dead.
confirms the development of the Electronic Snitching Device -- E-Snitch (formerly C-4 Chip), and unveils the capabilities of the World's first-ever E-Snitch device to investors, reporters, computer manufacturer companies, and other interested individuals via webcast Presentation and conference.
Version 1 -- Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch):
The Company will be releasing several versions of the Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch) throughout the next year.
Dimensions of Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch):
The company will be displaying Version 1 Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch) via audio/visual demonstrations and will be followed up with a question and answer section, and will take place at the beginning of every exhibiting hour at COMDEX Fall 2000.
WebCast Presentation and Conference For Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch)