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snitch on someone

to tattle on someone. You wouldn't snitch on me, would you? Timmy snitched on his older brother.
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snitch on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: She snitched on the coworker who had been stealing petty cash. He snitched on his little brother for breaking the vase.
See also: on, snitch


1. n. an informer. Who needs a snitch? If he can’t keep his mouth shut, he can beat it.
2. in. to inform (on someone). (Often with on.) The cops were waiting for us. Who snitched?
3. tv. to steal something. Why don’t you snitch the salt from one of the other tables?
4. n. a theft. (Underworld.) The snitch went off without a hitch.
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She does not, however, recommend abandoning snitching because she recognizes that certain categories of grave offenders--particularly white-collar offenders and gang-connected criminals--would escape unpunished without this investigative tool (pp.
The dominance of snitching has been actively encouraged by the law.
Not only does this enable informants to lie; it also allows them to use snitching as a tool to wreak revenge on enemies or eliminate competitors from criminal markets (p.
Above all, they discovered a direct correlation between snitching and initiative: To truly be a snitch, one had to act in one's own self-interest, knowingly and proactively.
In his interview, Cam'ron was saying more or less the same thing: Snitching was wrong, and even if he himself had much to gain in having his homicidal neighbor arrested, he would rather continue and adhere to the universal code.
Snitching helps the Government keep us more frightened of each other than of them.
The Electronic Snitching Device can track missing or stolen computers within five feet of its location globally.
The site first hit the headlines in January when Stop Snitching flyers were left near a murder scene in London where a 17 year-old, Sylvester Akapalara, had been shot dead.
The foregoing statements regarding the functionality of the Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch) are forward-looking within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
How are you gonna give my letters to the Boyden (police) and be snitching on me?
confirms the development of the Electronic Snitching Device -- E-Snitch (formerly C-4 Chip), and unveils the capabilities of the World's first-ever E-Snitch device to investors, reporters, computer manufacturer companies, and other interested individuals via webcast Presentation and conference.
Version 1 -- Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch):
The Company will be releasing several versions of the Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch) throughout the next year.
Dimensions of Electronic Snitching Device (E-Snitch):