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snitch on someone

to tattle on someone. You wouldn't snitch on me, would you? Timmy snitched on his older brother.
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snitch on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: She snitched on the coworker who had been stealing petty cash. He snitched on his little brother for breaking the vase.
See also: on, snitch


1. n. an informer. Who needs a snitch? If he can’t keep his mouth shut, he can beat it.
2. in. to inform (on someone). (Often with on.) The cops were waiting for us. Who snitched?
3. tv. to steal something. Why don’t you snitch the salt from one of the other tables?
4. n. a theft. (Underworld.) The snitch went off without a hitch.
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All the family know you are a snitch so if I get found guilty it's down to you.
Yet even though Snitch knows Saturday is all about the Giants, he admits the game will be extra-special for him.
And both men made positive impacts for their new clubs, with Snitch making a superb early impression as the Giants took the opening 20 minutes by storm.
Yet Snitch believes this will help bring the very best out of him.
Snitch is also aware that several of Super League's top-six sides were watching him closely.
Installing Little Snitch 4 requires your Mac to reboot.
We need, as a community, to stop that culture of don't snitch.
They dodge bludgers - dodgeballs thrown at other players - while chasing the snitch, which is a sock with a tennis ball in it.
A game can only end when the snitch is caught, but the objective of the game is to out-score the opponent.
But before customers picked up their copy, they enjoyed a mindboggling array of Hogwartsthemed activities in the Birmingham store from 9pm on Saturday, which included a super fan quiz, snitch hunt, colouring competition and costume competition, as well as snakes and a raven
Seekers aim to retrieve the snitch, a tennis ball in a sock, which is tied to the shorts of the snitch runner, an impartial official, usually dressed in yellow, who spends the game trying to avoid the seekers.
Snitch, John Cusack hoisted his Spanish-style beach house along a sandy stretch in Malibu up for sale at $13.
Mahjong player and grandmother, Zelda King, 87, told the Heritage Florida Jewish News that the snitch who ratted them out to the local police was "a troublemaker and lives in building 11" of the condominium clubhouse where they regularly meet.
While all this is happening, somewhere away from the pitch the most iconic element of the game is taking place, the hunt for The Snitch.
Snitch is a mystery with a very small dash of the paranormal but even more, it is the story of a young woman (Bea turns eighteen during the story) understanding who she is: intelligent, an artist, her mother's child, her father's child, and a recovering addict.