snip off

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snip something off (of) something

 and snip something off
to cut something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she snipped a dead blossom off the rosebush. Jane snipped off a bud.
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Prune old-fashioned roses and climbers after flowering, and when dead-heading don't just snip off the dead flower, follow the stem back for a few centimetres and cut it off just above a healthy leaf.
WITH a pair of sharp scissors, snip off faded flowers from annuals to prevent them from setting seed and to encourage a longer flowering season.
A If you leave them on the plant nature will do this for you but if you want to be more decisive as to where they go then snip off the seed heads and dry them in a cool dry place.
Snip off a few stems and take them indoors if you want to make the most of the smell.
Snip off hard stems of figs with scissors or a small knife and coarsely chop figs.
Snip off individual leaves when they're about 4 inches long.
They are not fast-growing, so should not need regular pruning, but if the plant needs tidying up then snip off the unkempt stems in mid- spring.
Use scissors to snip off the pointy ends of eleven wooden barbeque skewers.
The method is to snip off the branches, bunch and tie them together and wait to see if song thrushes decide to make it their home.
The writing device uses electromagnetics to snip off the end of a strip, making a tiny bubble with a pair of VBLs in its wall.
Snip off and discard the elastic string from the chicken, open out the legs and press down on the breast so that the chicken cavity is opened, to help hot air to circulate in the oven.
Snip off the tips of new shoots about 3in long and remove flower buds.
Snip off the corner or tip of bag to create a narrow opening.
Ono, the widow of John Lennon, famously sat on stage in Japan in 1964 and allowed the audience to snip off pieces of her clothing.
Dig a hole next to the crown of the plant and snip off a few of the widest roots.