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get the sniffles

To catch a cold, usually a minor one. My daughter seems to have gotten the sniffles from someone at daycare.
See also: get, sniffle

have the sniffles

To have a cold, usually a minor one. I have the sniffles, so I'm going to stay home and nap instead.
See also: have, sniffle

get, have, etc. the ˈsniffles

(informal) get, have, etc. a slight cold: ‘Are you ill?’ ‘No, I’ve just got the sniffles.’
See also: sniffle
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Fisher's accusations that cocaine use is behind Trump's sniffling is speculative - there is no credible evidence that Trump has ever used the drug.
His sniffling comes days after Clinton appeared to get sick at a Sept.
But in research by Elliot Dick at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, marathon poker games between healthy players and sniffling, sneezing ones gave an indication that airborne particles play a significant role in passing the infection.