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pot hound

and pot sniffer
n. a dog trained to sniff out cannabis. (Drugs.) The pot hound at the airport is always busy finding marijuana. A cute beagle named sparky greeted me as today’s “pot sniffer” in the baggage claim area.
See also: hound, pot

pot sniffer

See also: pot, sniffer


and wiff-sniffer
n. a prohibitionist; someone always alert for the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. (Prohibition.) No wiff-sniffer is going to tell me what to do.


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The law of sniffer dogs, as in most areas of the criminal law, strives to balance the duty of law enforcement to detect and investigate crimes with our Charter right to be "secure against unreasonable search or seizure.
The new Sniffer is able to collect suspected substances from any possible surface: table, clothes, hand, car, luggage, etc.
Obtaining the best results from the sniffer required winds under 10 miles per hour and a neutral temperature gradient.
The most widespread method for managing network monitoring is through the use of analysis equipment, such as probes and sniffers.
The drug policy offers advice on the use of sniffer dogs and drug tests but they are rightly to be used at the discretion of head teachers who are the real key players.
Managing the State of Indiana's network would seem like a daunting task, but with the superiority of Sniffer Technologies solutions from Network Associates we are able to effortlessly manage, optimize and troubleshoot our network," said Jeff Duke, senior network engineer for the State of Indiana's Division of Information Technology (DoIT).
Sniffer Technologies solutions sit at key touch points of the network.
The Department for Education has told schools to get written consent from parents or pupils before bringing in sniffer dogs.
Distributed sniffers can also serve as powerful tools for monitoring internal SLAs.
Sniffer Technologies is providing these next-generation networks with the comprehensive management and analysis solutions they require to ensure maximum network uptime and optimum performance of their wireless e-business initiatives and applications.
The wasps are cheaper to buy and train than sniffer dogs and are smaller, so they have an element of stealth when out tracking a scent.
Through this acquisition, Apica will begin offering Proxy Sniffer under the Apica brand, allowing organizations to easily plan, implement, and analyze mega load tests of anywhere from 200,000 to 1 million users.
Just like Chris Stagg - dubbed Sniffer Dog for his uncanny ability to find bombs.
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Vividas Group PLC, a provider of video streaming technology, has launched The Vividas Sniffer, an automatic bandwidth detection software.