sniff out

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sniff someone or something out

to locate someone or something by sniffing or as if by sniffing. The dog sniffed the intruder out and the police captured him. The dog sniffed out the mole in the lawn.
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sniff out somebody/something

also sniff somebody/something out
to discover someone or something, usually only after a special effort Part of their job is to sniff out talented new writers. The FBI knew they had a double agent in their midst, but it took years to sniff him out. Related vocabulary: nose around
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sniff out

Uncover, as If there's anything to that rumor, Gladys will sniff it out. This expression alludes to an animal sniffing for prey. [First half of 1900s]
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sniff out

To perceive or detect someone or something by or as if by sniffing: The dogs sniffed out the trail through the snow. The detectives sniffed the plot out and arrested the criminals.
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But Verity and Waite have seen the items that the beagles sniff out and the devastating pests and diseases they contain.
Being newly certified, the two dogs are awaiting assignments to either sniff out live humans buried in rubble or locate accelerants used to start an arson.
Deputy Sheriff Ernie DeArmas, recently named Deputy of the Year in the Santa Clarita Valley, seems to sniff out crime.
PHOTO (1--Color) Trained to sniff out drugs, alcohol and guns, Keno the dog gives a demonstration at a school assembly.
District officials are considering whether to hire a company that supplies canines trained to sniff out contraband that students may be hiding in their lockers and backpacks.
Cero, a 65-pound German shepherd and Rendahl, 33, make up the Simi Valley Police Department's new K-9 team that will sniff out crooks, track missing children and hunt down hidden narcotics.
Bolstered by a survey that shows a majority of students support using police dogs to sniff out drugs on campus, trustees are considering bringing the canines back in the fall to junior high and high schools.
With his German shepherd, Max, Officer Dwight Thompson showed the canine's abilities by directing the dog to sniff out marijuana from one of several closed shoe boxes.
If the USDA had more money, Hawkins said, it would hire more inspectors, but also would invest in the development of machines that could actually sniff out fruit and meat.
Should a dog sniff out a locker, that locker number will then be reported to the principal's office and dealt with by school officials, Wolford said.