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nothing to be sneezed at

Not something that should be ignored, dismissed, or treated with disdain; something that is not inconsequential. The amount of votes she managed to muster is nothing to be sneezed at. Sure, a hundred bucks isn't a huge amount to have won, but it's definitely nothing to be sneezed at!
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nothing to sneeze at

 and nothing to be sneezed
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sneeze at someone

to sneeze in someone's direction. Please don't sneeze at me! Cover your nose and mouth! You should never sneeze at anyone. It is very bad manners.
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sneeze at something

Fig. to indicate one's disapproval of something; to belittle someone or something. I wouldn't sneeze at that amount of money if I were you. It's better than nothing. I though it was a good offer, but the customer just sneezed at it.
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sneeze into something

to aim a sneeze into something. You should always sneeze into a handkerchief. Please sneeze into a tissue or something.
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sneeze on someone or something

to aim a sneeze onto someone or something, probably by accident. Don't sneeze on me! Don't sneeze on anything. Cover your nose and mouth!
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nothing to sneeze at

something that deserves serious attention An extra two thousand bucks a year is nothing to sneeze at.
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when somebody/something sneezes, somebody/something catches a cold

  (mainly British) also if somebody/something catches a cold, somebody/something gets pneumonia (mainly British)
when one person or organization has a problem, this problem has a much worse effect on another person or organization When New York sneezes, I'm afraid London catches a cold - that is just the way the stock markets operate now. If the country's economy catches a cold, local businesses get pneumonia.
See hard cash, catch cold, leave cold, leave out in the cold, in a sweat
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not to be sneezed/sniffed at

1. if something, especially an amount of money, is not to be sneezed at, it is large enough to be worth having And there's the increase in salary to be considered. £3000 extra a year is not to be sneezed at.
2. if something or someone is not to be sneezed at, they are important or dangerous enough to deserve serious attention Goodman is not a man to be sniffed at. (American & Australian informal)
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not to be sneezed at

Also, nothing to sneeze at. Not to be ignored or dismissed, as in It's a great honor, not to be sneezed at, or That salary of his is nothing to sneeze at. This expression presumably alludes to turning up one's nose in disdain. [c. 1800]
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sneeze at

To treat something as unimportant. Used chiefly in the passive with a negative word: The critical nature of the job at hand is not to be sneezed at.
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nothing to sneeze at

n. no small amount of money; something not inconsequential. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.
See also: nothing, sneeze
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In both Israel and Iran, people wish the sneezer health: La'Briut in Hebrew, Afiyat bashe in Farsi.
The implosive or Mousey Sneezer proved an interesting category, as it was seen in both positive and negative terms.
The Nice Sneezer is someone with no showy histrionics, a Be-right Sneezer is dignified and moderate while a Get-it-done Sneezer is a no nonsense person.
Dr Whizz would have given The Sneezer a real race at Gowran last time but for his fall three out in a handicap chase that has worked out well.
OF ALL the decisions Tom Doyle has taken lately, sending The Sneezer into an uncontested lead at Fairyhouse in January was the least taxing.
The hat-trick completed by The Sneezer when winning the Shamrock Handicap Chase at Gowran on Saturday means he goes up another 8lb to 125, a total rise of 25lb for his three wins.
THE Tom Nagle-trained The Sneezer completed a hat-trick over fences and recorded the biggest success of his career when landing the feature Shamrock Handicap Chase.
TJ Nagle jnr, trainer of The Sneezer "He came out of the last race fairly well.
TJ Nagle jnr, trainer of The Sneezer "Hopefully he can put in a performance like when making all at Fairyhouse, but he's the highest he's ever been rated on 109 and I have a doubt about him liking going left-handed.
The handicap chase on Saturday was dominated from start to finish by The Sneezer under Tom Doyle, who is riding outstandingly well.
Professor Langer has two theories: the first is that the brain's visual system is more sensitive in solar sneezers and bright light triggers a response from the part of the brain which controls sneezing.
Some cats can also become carriers of the viruses that cause the disease and about 10 per cert can become chronic sneezers.
Rutherford sounds note of warning, precautions should be taken to prevent influenza, eject sneezers from public places is urged.
But the result is more sneezers and wheezers turning to clinics and medical offices to seek relief from visits to the park, hikes into the canyons or walks with the dog.