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nothing to be sneezed at

Not something that should be ignored, dismissed, or treated with disdain; something that is not inconsequential. The amount of votes she managed to muster is nothing to be sneezed at. Sure, a hundred bucks isn't a huge amount to have won, but it's definitely nothing to be sneezed at!
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nothing to sneeze at

 and nothing to be sneezed
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sneeze at someone

to sneeze in someone's direction. Please don't sneeze at me! Cover your nose and mouth! You should never sneeze at anyone. It is very bad manners.
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sneeze at something

Fig. to indicate one's disapproval of something; to belittle someone or something. I wouldn't sneeze at that amount of money if I were you. It's better than nothing. I though it was a good offer, but the customer just sneezed at it.
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sneeze into something

to aim a sneeze into something. You should always sneeze into a handkerchief. Please sneeze into a tissue or something.
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sneeze on someone or something

to aim a sneeze onto someone or something, probably by accident. Don't sneeze on me! Don't sneeze on anything. Cover your nose and mouth!
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nothing to sneeze at

something that deserves serious attention An extra two thousand bucks a year is nothing to sneeze at.
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when somebody/something sneezes, somebody/something catches a cold

  (mainly British) also if somebody/something catches a cold, somebody/something gets pneumonia (mainly British)
when one person or organization has a problem, this problem has a much worse effect on another person or organization When New York sneezes, I'm afraid London catches a cold - that is just the way the stock markets operate now. If the country's economy catches a cold, local businesses get pneumonia.
See hard cash, catch cold, leave cold, leave out in the cold, in a sweat
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not to be sneezed/sniffed at

1. if something, especially an amount of money, is not to be sneezed at, it is large enough to be worth having And there's the increase in salary to be considered. £3000 extra a year is not to be sneezed at.
2. if something or someone is not to be sneezed at, they are important or dangerous enough to deserve serious attention Goodman is not a man to be sniffed at. (American & Australian informal)
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not to be sneezed at

Also, nothing to sneeze at. Not to be ignored or dismissed, as in It's a great honor, not to be sneezed at, or That salary of his is nothing to sneeze at. This expression presumably alludes to turning up one's nose in disdain. [c. 1800]
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sneeze at

To treat something as unimportant. Used chiefly in the passive with a negative word: The critical nature of the job at hand is not to be sneezed at.
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nothing to sneeze at

n. no small amount of money; something not inconsequential. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.
See also: nothing, sneeze
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If Mr Gurung sneezed four times he would have been distracted by it for up to 12 seconds.
A squirrel with a mouthful of acorns sneezed, shooting the acorns across the park.
At some point as humans evolved, migrated, formed communities, grew civilizations, developed new languages, excelled at invention, and invented the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, we all either collectively or unconsciously agreed that when another person sneezed, we had to respond with some bark of well-meaning reassurance.
It's best you sleep on the sofa for a couple of days," said my sympathetic wife, who would pointedly open windows in the rooms where I sneezed.
3 billion dollars flu vaccine production rather than the creation of green jobs whenever the experimenter sneezed.
So, may I most emphatically state, not only was my salmon a triumph of the culinary art and not to be sneezed at, I am also happy to report that it wasn't sneezed in, either.
The fact that one of the nurses also sneezed convinced them, and Sean and I were allowed through.
I sneezed in class one day and, at the exact same time, I accidentally cut the cheese.
There's also kerchoo (Joan Heilbruner's Robert the Rose Horse, 1962); ka-choo (Rosetta Stone's Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo, 1975); ka-chow (James Flora's The Day the Cow Sneezed, 1957); and atishoooooooooo (Ruth Brown's The Big Sneeze, 1985).
1983: Donna Griffiths of Pershore, Worcestershire, stopped sneezing after having sneezed continuously for 977 days: The worst sneezing record began on January 13, 1981.
During the same period, however, the odds of believing that HIV infection could be contracted by being sneezed or coughed on rose significantly.
But just as she playfully poked the nearest bee's belly, she sneezed.
McCarthy, aged 56, told Coventry Crown Court he had been suffering with hayfever particularly badly and sneezed as he approached the crossing.
So you can catch a cold virus by touching something that someone with a cold has touched or coughed or sneezed on.
Gurkha Gurung, 45, told how he sneezed four to five times as he overtook a car at 74mph on a dual carriageway.