sneeze into

sneeze into something

to aim a sneeze into something. You should always sneeze into a handkerchief. Please sneeze into a tissue or something.
See also: sneeze
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Encourage them to cough or sneeze into a tissue - then put the tissue in the bin.
routine, to teach kids not only how to sneeze into a tissue, but also to make sure they discard the tissue in the trash bin afterwards.
It doesn't cost anything to cough or sneeze into a tissue - especially when you're full of the cold.
Thus, the latest hygiene advice is to sneeze into the crook of your arm, which is far less likely to come into contact with people, unless you are a keen barn-dancer with a penchant for multiple "dosy dos".
THE Government unveils its new weapon against a flu outbreak this week - teaching people to sneeze into a tissue.
The campaign is encouraging people to make sure they follow simple rules to stop the spread of germs, including always carrying a tissue to cough or sneeze into.
Teach your child to cover his or her mouth when coughing and to sneeze into a handkerchief, as well as to wash hands before meals and to keep a runny nose wiped.