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sneck posset

archaic A rejection, refusal, or cold reception; a closed door (as on a visitor). Primarily heard in UK. After receiving a veritable sneck posset from his wealthy distant relations, Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern for want of any other recourse.
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give a sneck posset

archaic To give a rejection, refusal, or cold reception. Primarily heard in UK. Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern after his wealthy distant relations gave a sneck posset.
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Factfile LOCATION: Sneck Yate Car Park is 11/2 miles north-east of Boltby START: Sneck Yate car park DISTANCE: 63/4 miles GOING: Moorland tracks and short stretch of minor public road.
Sneck Lifter ale is available from Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose, and priced about pounds 1.
Jennings run 128 pubs in northern England and brew a range of traditional beers including Cumberland Ale, Sneck Lifter and Cocker HoopLEISURE group Rank yesterday revealed fewer punters were visiting their bingo halls as they reported a 'muted' performance by their gaming division.
SNECK Lifter, Cocker Hoop, Black Sheep, Greene King IPA - names to get the most discernible beer drinker dribbling into their tankard.
Thirty-two-year-old Mr Pattern, married, of Low Fold, told an Examiner reporter: "I heard a rattle on the sneck and thought it was a late customer.
Jennings runs 128 pubs in northern England and brews a range of traditional beers including Cumberland Ale, Sneck Lifter and Cocker Hoop.
And once you'vemastered the various Cains brews, you can look further afield,and sample the delights of beers such as Bishop's Finger, Shaftbender,Knocker Up, LiquidLobotomy Stout, Feather Plucker Mild, Pressed Rat and Warthog, Sneck Lifter and Nettlethrasher.
LUCA Cumani's Tatami finishes with the speed of the four winds under wee Muis Roberts to sneck Barry Hills' The Deep (D Holland) in the the Horris Hill Stakes.
An independent business could not have coped with the loss of trade and the cost of replacement and refurbishment, but help was at hand and the likes of Cocker Hoop, Sneck Lifter and Cumberland Ale were brewed in the Midlands until their home was dried out and revitalised.
Mathew David Scott, 25, of Green Ridge, Sneck Gate Lane, Newby, Middlesbrough, banned from driving for two years and fined pounds 250 for drink driving.
He was listening for the clack of the sneck that signalled Jack's arrival at the West door which for hundreds of years has allowed access to the claustrophobic, spiral staircase that leads to the ringing room.
A sneck is the lever device that goes through a door to lift the latch so you could open the door.
But he woke up with his face white as a sheet and a runny sneck, before turning his nose up at breakfast, which he normally devours with gusto.
Greyface, pounds 36, pounds 33, pounds 30 Sneck Yeat, pounds 33, pounds 32 (x2) 14 Oakleigh Way, pounds 30 Cracrop.
1% stake in the company, which brews beers including Sneck Lifter and Cumberland Ale and operates 128 pubs across the North-East and Cumbria.