sneak in

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sneak in(to someplace)

To enter some place in a quiet, sneaky, inconspicuous, or furtive manner. The burglar snuck in without making a sound. Marty came sneaking into the classroom, late as usual.
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sneak in(to some place)

to enter a place quietly and in secret, perhaps without a ticket or permission. The kids tried to sneak into the rock concert, but they were stopped by the guards. Never try to sneak in. Sometimes they arrest you for trespassing.
See also: sneak
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The type of break-ins we've been seeing are typical opportunistic type burglaries -sheds being broken into that have been left unlocked or insecure, bikes being stolen after being left unattended and insecure and sneak in burglaries where windows and doors have been left open.
The thieves, who sneak in while people are at home, have fled with items including wallets, purses, mobile phones and car keys.
CRIME WARNING - Householders have been warned to lock up or risk losing out by police as part of a new drive to prevent sneak in burglaries.
It is estimated that a third of all break-ins in Birmingham happen because criminals are able to sneak in through unlocked doors and windows.
With the warmer weather there has been a recent increase in premises and vehicles being left insecure by the owners/occupiers and a subsequent rise in sneak in burglaries by opportunist thieves - as is evident from the incidents highlighted in our Crimewatch columns.
Even if they sneak in and steal the keys from one house, the car stolen later would be worth thousands of pounds.