sneak away

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sneak away (from some place)

to go away from a place quietly and in secret. Jeff tried to sneak away from the party, but Judy saw him. They sneaked away together.
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I don't think a draw ever feels like a win but we worked extremely hard to sneak away.
The Haverfordwest- born fop, whose parents were from Newport, says: 'We do sneak away for weekends now and again.
Although Reynolds' roommate and AA support bully, Herman managed to sneak away for a couple of drinks with the real men.
Some are similar to their modern definitions: Abscond once meant to be hidden rather than to actively sneak away.
The plan worked in this instance, since I was unable to sneak away to meet the only person in Riyadh or Jeddah who, according to my Human Rights Watch contact, was willing to speak on the record criticizing the regime.
Best place to sneak away for an afternoon (with a cooler and perhaps a friend, a fly rod, or a good book):
Growing up outside Boston, a young Petgrave would sneak away to Logan Airport to watch helicopters take off and land.
I am my guest why deny it but at times I am also a stranger to myself when my unmannered host looks at me I begin to feel gratuitous and I sneak away
If the Mona Lisa is a mob scene at the Louvre, sneak away to see other da Vinci works, including Madonna of the Rocks, Bacchus, Virgin and Child with St.
While Carla goes off to her stepdad "George's funeral - even though she 'ated his guts, most of the time I'd 'ave happily danced on his grave" - Peter and Tina sneak away to a posh hotel.
The children in my care regularly try to pinch any treats from my bag and sneak away with my water bottle.
He's actually working as a waiter in London at weekends, and had to sneak away from serving guests when I called him up.
Bessie was expected by her father to marry Sir Walter Blackett, 50 years her senior, but she and Scott planned to run away to Scotland and get married, and arranged for ladders to be propped up against Surtees House so they could sneak away at night.