sneak around

sneak around (some place)

to move about a place in a sneaky or stealthy fashion. Please don't sneak around the house. It makes me nervous. Please stop sneaking around!
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sneak around someone or something

1. Lit. to creep around or past someone or something. The cat sneaked around Molly and ran out the door. We had to sneak around the corner so we wouldn't be seen.
2. Fig. to circumvent the control or censorship of someone or some group. I think we can sneak around the board of directors and authorize this project ourselves. Yes, let's sneak around the board.
See also: around, sneak

sneak around

1. To move or operate in some place furtively or surreptitiously: The security guard caught the thief sneaking around the office after closing.
2. To do something without someone's knowledge, especially to engage in romantic relationships: I suspect her husband has been sneaking around. I think his wife was sneaking around on him.
See also: around, sneak
References in classic literature ?
He may think he can sneak around because you're a woman and stall you.
my idea is to sneak around on the other side and take them in flank.
The correspondent added that the authorities also uncovered a 70-meters-long tunnel extending from al-Waer to a hospital and the criminal security department which terrorists had used to sneak around and attack locals and army checkpoints, adding that 23 mm rounds, a mortar launcher, and 14.
Elsewhere, t racy makes tony sneak around the ginnel sneak around the ginnel tf or her.
If you do meet someone special and that person is a girl, then maybe that's the time to think about telling them so you don't feel you have to sneak around and can live your life freely.
London, March 25 ( ANI ): David Beckham now wants to buy a London black taxi so that he can sneak around incognito, it has been revealed.
The new sanction orders are the latest step in an ongoing game of whack-a-mole in which Iran finds new ways to sneak around US sanctions that operate until the US Treasury uncovers them and slaps them down.
ECO Scott Steingart, accompanied by K9 "Buck," was checking anglers at a public fishing access site along the Neversink River when he noticed a man wearing a backpack sneak around a gravel bank and disappear from sight.
Her widowed attorney dad, however, still sees her as a child, forcing her to sneak around to help him solve a missing person case.
It's horrible to think that we were asleep upstairs when they came in to sneak around the house and just helped themselves to our things.
If he's unhappy or bored with your relationship, then he needs to be honest about it rather than sneak around behind your back.
The MIT staff who called the police would have been served better by calling the chancellor to ask, "How have we created a system that forces 24 year-olds to sneak around in the basement, hiding hard-drives in closets in order to ask basic and important questions about our work?
Still, they are legal, and as such, customers should not be made to feel as though they must sneak around in order to indulge their vice.
It wasn't until 12 minutes from time that the Cumbrians finally cracked when Stuart Poulter managed to sneak around the back of a crowded defence to get to the back post and head home a cross for the winner.
Once in the house Bowen asked the pensioner for a cup of tea before seizing the opportunity to sneak around looking for anything of value.