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snarl at (someone, something, or an animal)

to growl at someone, something, or an animal angrily and threateningly. The dog snarled at everyone who passed by. Our dog used to sit in front of the washing machine and snarl at it.
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snarl someone or something up

to tangle someone or something; to mess something up. The wind snarled my hair up terribly. The wind snarled up my hair.
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snarl something out

to utter something by snarling or growling. Lefty snarled a naughty word out at the police. Walt the pickpocket snarled out a curse as the cop grabbed his coat collar.
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snarl up

1. To become tangled in or as if in a knot: This new fishing line keeps snarling up.
2. To tangle or knot something: The wind snarled up my hair. I snarled the kite up in a tree.
3. To involve someone or something in or as if in a tangle: Their lawyers snarled us up in litigation for years. Don't get me snarled up in your affairs. An accident snarled up traffic for hours.
See also: snarl, up
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If you dream of a snarly dog, it might mean you're dealing with a bully or clique.
Jeffers reprints the views of critics who saw the Il Duce of Gotham's politics as "a headstrong personality," whose "dictatorial use of the powers of the mayor were found in countless sources," and as a "tyrant, vindictive, and snarly as a Brooklyn junkyard dog," or as "scary as any of the gangsters in Lucky Luciano's mob" (382, 2).
Even Barney Frank, as snarly a Democratic sheep dog as there was in 2000, told The Progressive's Ruth Conniff that he would not endorse a Democratic candidate, such as Sam Nunn, who was anti-gay.
over-the-top idea man whose snarly diatribes grabbed Publishers
I watched more than one shooter racing through a stage, obviously using ammunition borrowed from several sources: "Bang, bang, BANG, snarly bang
Most everyone the writer knew in New York lived in dread of losing their affordable housing; vicious legal struggles to hold onto what they had gave even social conversation a snarly drone.
A supporting player in his great psycho-hippie films Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, Mueller played with the wacked, snarly, demoralized image that he constructed for her throughout her professional life.
Indulging in and clearly communicating a snarly adversarialism toward every person and institution instead of maintaining proper and useful journalistic skepticism.
T]hese snarly prongs extending outward are no very pleasant things to get over in the face of a murderous fire at close range.
But public journalism's call for re-examination makes it controversial within a professional culture dominated by traditional values of detachment and snarly defensiveness.
Everything from her look to her snarly delivery of Pink classics like Raise Your Glass, So What, Blow Me One Last Kiss and new single Just Like Fire was en pointe.
Mourinho was being Bad Mourinho, all surly, snarly, snappy and, according to one journalistr, sarky.
On this irresistible barroom boogie/readymade stripper anthem, crunchy power chords, snarly guitar licks and powder-keg drumming lay down the foundation for the song's sweaty and sinewy strut and indelible, sing-along chorus of "Hey yeah, I'm trying to make her horses run/Hey yeah, you better hold on/Hey Yeah, the girl is like a loaded gun/When she got her swagger on/She's Little Miss John Wayne.