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snarl at (someone, something, or an animal)

to growl at someone, something, or an animal angrily and threateningly. The dog snarled at everyone who passed by. Our dog used to sit in front of the washing machine and snarl at it.
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snarl someone or something up

to tangle someone or something; to mess something up. The wind snarled my hair up terribly. The wind snarled up my hair.
See also: snarl, up

snarl something out

to utter something by snarling or growling. Lefty snarled a naughty word out at the police. Walt the pickpocket snarled out a curse as the cop grabbed his coat collar.
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snarl up

1. To become tangled in or as if in a knot: This new fishing line keeps snarling up.
2. To tangle or knot something: The wind snarled up my hair. I snarled the kite up in a tree.
3. To involve someone or something in or as if in a tangle: Their lawyers snarled us up in litigation for years. Don't get me snarled up in your affairs. An accident snarled up traffic for hours.
See also: snarl, up
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When I looked up, I was surrounded by them and the biggest one was standing on a mound of grass snarling down at me.
Attachment to animals can be every bit as strong as our attachment to people but even the most fervent dog lover wouldn't allow a snarling dog around children and your boyfriend's attitude is irresponsible.
UH-OH: Snarling mastiff puts the unsuspecting gazelle on the horns of a dilemma; OH, GO ON THEN: A nuzzle ends row
Neighbors, animal shelter workers and a witness challenged a police account that claimed a snarling, 70-pound pit bull had to be shot after the dog attacked a column of officers patrolling on bicycles.
The 27-year-old star jumped back in surprise as the snarling animal strained at the leash in an attempt to get at him.
DWP officials were working Thursday to determine what caused a pre-1940s trunk line to rupture, snarling traffic and affecting service to thousands of customers.
An ``X-Files''-ish government outfit that is far more paramilitary than paranormal, run by Stephen Dorff's snarling Cmdr.
The transition road was closed for more than three hours, snarling traffic in the area, but the 52-year-old driver, his wife and his three children were unharmed, the Highway Patrol reported.
The best moment is ``54-46 Was My Number,'' where Jeff Beck adds snarling counterpoint to the classic penned by Toots Hibbert about his own prison ID.
GLENDALE - An underground cable explosion darkened 800 restaurants, stores and offices in central Glendale for about three hours Friday, emptying Brand Boulevard establishments and snarling traffic.
A problem with a highway storm drain sent muddy water across the Antelope Valley Freeway near Avenue O, snarling Christmas night traffic, California Highway Patrol officials said.
LLANO - Thunderstorms drenched parts of the Antelope Valley on Wednesday afternoon - snarling traffic, closing Highways 138 and 18 and putting emergency crews on alert.
City officials hope the proposal will deter scalpers from selling tickets on public thoroughfares, where they are accused of snarling traffic and causing public-safety hazards by encouraging ticket shoppers to stop their cars in the middle of streets and even on freeway off-ramps to buy tickets.
Ramirez said, but not before snarling traffic headed into the San Fernando Valley.
The vote was delayed by the brush fire that erupted in Placerita Canyon several hours before the council meeting, forcing the closure of the Antelope Valley Freeway and snarling traffic all over town.