snap (one's) fingers

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snap (one's) fingers

1. Literally, to press the tip of one's thumb and middle finger together and then forcefully slide them apart, producing a snapping sound, often used to attract someone's attention. Tommy, please don't snap your fingers like that at me. If you want my attention, just raise your hand, and I'll come over to you when I have a chance.
2. To make a sudden or impromptu decision that one expects others to adhere to or go along with. So what, you're just going to move around the entire country whenever she snaps her fingers? That doesn't sound like a very equal marriage to me.
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snap (or click) your fingers

make a sharp clicking sound by bending the last joint of the middle finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it, typically in order to attract attention in a peremptory way or to accompany the beat of music.
See also: finger, snap

snap your ˈfingers

1 attract somebody’s attention by making a sound with your thumb and middle finger: Waiters don’t like customers in restaurants who snap their fingers and shout ‘waiter!’
2 show you do not care about somebody/something: He snapped his fingers at the committee and walked angrily out of the room.
See also: finger, snap
References in classic literature ?
JE M'EN FICHE,' cried the Admiral, snapping his fingers.
They haven't no more philosophy nor political economy about 'em than that,' said the beadle, snapping his fingers contemptuously.
In a moment, he was on his back, snapping his fingers, and yelping with delight.
Throwing away the spade, he broke into a frantic jig, snapping his fingers, and repeating, again and again,
He finished the sentence by snapping his fingers with a grin of contempt.
He had no sooner seen me than he began to dance some steps of the sea-hornpipe (which I had never before heard of far less seen), snapping his fingers in the air and footing it right cleverly.
cried he, leaping aloft and snapping his fingers, "and hey for the life I love
Donald Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity brings to mind the joke about a man who stood on a street corner snapping his fingers.
A man walks into a doctor's office, snapping his fingers.
Can he really make it and make hard decisions at the proper times, during critical moments, because it (things) can happen just like that," the senator said snapping his fingers in the air.
We went from zero to 100 like that," he said, snapping his fingers.
John explains: "I was standing at the bar talking to him, but then he started snapping his fingers at the barman, saying 'three bottles here.
After such a display of classical eloquence, it is amusing to see him later on a crowded dance floor in Havana, wearing T-shirt and slacks, rolling his hips and snapping his fingers to the salsa.
That's something to think about while watching him in this film, snapping his fingers and laying down the rules of "Cool.