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Then I saw the female leap forward and head him; and when he would have gone too far to the left, Raja sprang, snapping at his shoulder and held him straight.
I let her come alongside, and then Juag and I pulled her in, she snapping and snarling at us as we did so; but, strange to relate, she didn't offer to attack us after we had ensconced her safely in the bottom alongside Raja.
The beasts, snapping and snarling, half turned upon their master and their tormentor, but long fear still held them from his putrid throat.
Rounded muscles shot into great, tensed piles beneath the brown hide--the ape-man surged forward with all his weight and all his great strength--the bonds parted, and the three were rolling upon the floor of the crater snarling, snapping, and rending.
High-speed video and fancy math have overturned an old theory about how snapping shrimp make such a racket.
The idea that snapping shrimp, in the genera Alpheus and Synalpheus, get their sound power from popping bubbles has been floated before but never directly tested.
Snapping plays a major role in the lives of these shrimp, notes Nancy Knowlton of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif.
It allows hard drives to be hot swapped by simply ejecting them and snapping in a new hard drive.
splitting multiple BCVs or SNAPPING multiple standard disks at a single point-in-time, for consistent non-disruptive backup of multiple disk volumes.
Stuart Karten Design, our award-winning design firm, deserves a lot of credit for taking the idea of snapping lids to lids and lids to bowls and making it a reality.