snapped up

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snapped (up)

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Pete was snapped up by eight-thirty.
2. mod. arrested. The bacon busted the joint and snapped everybody in sight.
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This makes the fourth company that PSI Net has snapped up in Brazil, following two acquisitions in Mexico, and one each in Argentina, Chile and Panama.
DESPERATE Housewives star Teri Hatcher is soooooooo interesting that her autobiography, Burnt Toast, has been snapped up by a US TV network to be turned into a series.
introduced a Pentium II competitor called M2 that was immediately snapped up by a number of one-time Intel customers for use in low-cost ``Pentium-killer'' personal computers for the home and office network markets.
With 1,500 tickets snapped up by yesterday afternoon, a Hearts spokesman said: "There are certainly more fans heading up than the last time we played them up there in September.
Small firms looking to turn their PC into an advanced tracking system snapped up copies.
But City snapped up Atletico Madrid's Dutch midfielder Kiki Masumpa on loan until the end of the season.