snap to attention

snap to (attention)

in. to come to attention; to look alert immediately. When they realized what was happening, they began to snap to.
See also: attention, snap
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Now 58 years old, he looks many years younger and commands a high level of respect amongst the team, who all snap to attention when he walks in.
New Labour giants are on the sidelines: Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell have all given stark warnings of the consequences of a Corbyn victory for their party but there is little sign that Labour supporters now snap to attention at these utterances.
I am nothing but supportive of food as high art, and even though there is as much self-validation as there will be showcasing and performance at the three-day event, it's nice to see our culinary talents snap to attention and push their talents to the limit of possibility.
Whenever Fletcher enters a room at the school, he bursts into it like a force of nature, and all of the musicians snap to attention.
Elections are one of the few occasions when the public can get the political class to snap to attention, when they can expect to find candidates on their doorstep ready to hear their concerns.
Announcing a coalition before its members are on board is an amateurish way of operating, because it makes the local players -- Arab governments of already mixed legitimacy in this case -- look like hapless fools who snap to attention when an American gives the order.
Some brain cells need a jolt of stress to snap to attention.
The best way to deal with this is to stand up for yourself and refuse to snap to attention just because they expect this of you.
Not long ago, Republicans would uniformly snap to attention when Goldman Sachs or Bank of America spoke.
Jurors who are disinclined to take the time to review complex documents will often snap to attention when a document appears on a monitor, with key excerpts blown up and highlighted.
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Male viewers snap to attention at the sight of a female anchor they find attractive, but are distracted by her looks and therefore less likely to remember what she had to say, a new study from researchers at Indiana University has found.
The route has now been officially renamed the Highway for Heroes on which police and firefighters snap to attention and salute and the public can pay their respects.
Oligarchs snap to attention in his presence and Forbes magazine ranks Sechin among the world s top 50 most powerful people, one notch above Kremlin chief Dmitry Medvedev, widely regarded as junior to Putin.
That was the cue for United to snap to attention, appreciate the size of the job they had on and clock on for work with a third of their shift already gone.
Employees no longer snap to attention and are not subservient, as in the past.