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go snaky

To act impulsively or without restraint. Primarily heard in Canada. Alcohol has caused many a man to go snaky, so you're not the only one who has ever made a questionable decision while inebriated.
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drive (one) snaky

To cause one to act impulsively or without restraint. Alcohol has driven many a man snaky, so you're not the only one who has ever made a questionable decision while inebriated.
See also: drive, snaky

go (or drive someone) snaky

lose (or cause someone to lose) their self-control. Canadian
See also: go, snaky
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Although Snaky is conjectured to be a winner, it might actually be a loser [6, 17, 18].
Never mind the rebels, and all those snaky ex-ministers who chose to defect as soon as the going got tough.
Women black or white with snaky tresses, field hands with huge erections, hatchet-faced overseers, little kids engaged in unspeakable acts.
Lourie came of age as the civil rights movement began to roil the South's snaky political waters.
An exotic blend of snaky bass and lyrics that feature Tom, Tom the Piper's Son, the Three Blind Mice and Alice in Wonderland take us on a reggae magic carpet ride through fairytale land.
The Tentacle Manipulator comes out of collaborative research into snake robots at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, which has produced snaky bots that can crawl up tubes by moving inside or around them.
The terrain just past the border point changed dramatically as night closed in and we were soon crossing a greener landscape which stretched to the foothills of the mountains that our two 4x4 SUVs began to climb up the arduous and snaky dirt tracks.
More than 40 years ago, as a grade-school boy, I'd ridden my Schwinn three-speed bike with the flared handlebars and banana seat down this same snaky road along the Spokane River with the same purpose in mind--to bowfish for carp.
A slow mesmerising blend of snaky guitar and growling vocals, it's stunning.
Since then, the Institute functioning has been snaky -- with delays to allocate funds by South Sudan government and lecturers on the other hand.
For some of us, it has been a while since we fumbled with that snaky catheter, the tip laden with lubricant, while relying on good Lighting and our relaxation skills to make it as easy as possible for the patient, not to mention ourselves
Bassanio's fetishizing of her sunny golden locks is portentous, for later in the play Bassanio himself will warn against the many women who wear wigs of "crisped snaky golden locks" (3.
Maryland's Peter James lives in one of those districts of doom, a snaky, overwhelmingly Democratic gerrymander in the black suburbs of Washington, D.
99) tells of human/animal crossbreeds and a little girl who is nearly human--except for her snaky hair.