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Electrical handyman Steven Tondre was a typical Internet snake oil salesman, but unlike others of his ilk, he benefited from having bigger competitors.
Modern society's belief in the power of ``experts'' reveals a credulity that would be the envy of any snake oil salesman.
I CAN'T help but liken David Cameron to a snake oil salesman, such is his desperation to hold on to power.
Representing the east end of London now, I've become sceptical about snake oil salesman pitches about the lasting value of "sporting" hop, skip and jumps to urban regeneration.
Allen, known for playing charismatic, handsome figures like Don Giovanni on the opera stage, has taken on the trappings of a snake oil salesman in his sixth appearance in Los Angeles since 1990.
NAME: DAVID CAMERON, 46 JOB: Prime Minister EDUCATION: Eton College & Oxford FORMER JOB: Snake oil salesman for Carlton TV.
The snake oil salesman has a bare-faced cheek to pose as a new Tory when he's an old-fashioned right-winger with a flashy smile.