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During the battle to land the beautifully conditioned fish, from a narrow and snaggy section of the Leam in the Offchurch area, 54-year-old Kedney was baffled about what he'd hooked.
From jetty perimeters, to limestone outcroppings, to the underside of piers, football heads allow for more targeted casting and controlled movement in snaggy habitat.
They want anglers to be in control of their fishing tackle at all times and avoid fish taking a bait, dashing into weeds or snaggy cover where the line might break, while the angler is asleep on the bank.
It was landed from a narrow, snaggy area with only a modicum of help at the netting stage from his dad Andy Barker.
Slightly-built Adam held on to a powerful 261b 11oz mirror carp and took only five minutes to steer it from a snaggy swim to his landing net.
But if the grass is thick and snaggy, I think "weedless," and there's nothing better than a thick-bodied, soft-plastic such as the D.
Some of the best fishing - and the winning catch - came from the snaggy shoreline alongside Seacombe Ferry, a spot that has been producing large cod for a number of weeks.