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2) Undercover DFG officials are on the lookout for fishermen illegally snagging lobsters.
When they're not snagging on the road, these three friends go snagging at home on a regular basis.
Ian, Bill, and Tim have been snagging bags for more than two years and they wonder if they could be starting a trend.
However, Mr Lawrence said that while these documents covered general hazards, they made no reference to snagging, despite this being "entirely foreseeable".
A new product out today, Forever Nylons, claims "virtually" to eliminate ladders and help prevent snagging.
A harried worker's grab of the wrong chain, a foreman's hurried re-rigging of a bin of construction debris, the accidental snagging of an electrical line.
REPORTS of leaky, flawed and defective homes have resulted in an explosion in the number of new home snagging companies - but new homebuyers must choose which firm to use carefully.
As well as minor snagging, a room-by-room sweep of the building by surveyors revealed more serious flaws.
Aikin said they enticed the gator toward the shore by trolling the bait closer and closer, finally snagging him with a treble hook that had been donated to the zoo by an alligator trapper from Florida.