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smuggle someone or something across something

to move someone or something across a border illegally and in secret. The terrorists smuggled one of their number across the border last night. Larry helped smuggle contraband across the border.
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smuggle someone or something into some place

 and smuggle someone or something in
to move someone or something across a border into a place illegally and in secret. The secret agent smuggled his family into the country and then defected. He smuggled in his family. smuggle someone or something out of some place and smuggle someone or something out* to move someone or something across a border out of a place illegally and in secret. Judy smuggled her cousin out of the country in a van. she smuggled out her cousin.
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smuggle someone or something past

(someone or something) to move something past a guard or monitor illegally and in secret. We failed in our attempt to smuggle Mary past the border. It is easy to smuggle wine past the border guards.
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smuggle someone or something through

(something) to move something through a guard post or other barrier illegally and in secret. The officers smuggled the child through the barrier so he could be with his mother. We smuggled some other goods through, too.
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Police officials said at least three other cow smugglers fled the spot.
Of course I knew that escaping with the help of smugglers was a matter of life or death.
According to the broadcaster, the two smugglers were shot by Egyptian troops near the border area of Nitzana, the Israeli radio reported Tuesday.
The smugglers had opened fire at the guards when they were confronted for trying to smuggle in 140 kg of hashish, said Interior Ministry spokesman Maj.
16 ( ANI ): The Border Security Force (BSF) has recovered a huge cache of heroin and ammunition at Indo-Pak border in Punjab on Wednesday, once again thwarting attempts of smugglers to smuggle contraband drugs and arms.
The brother and housekeeper of the smuggler were arrested, said Al-Maqaleh.
But the smuggling from Iran has soared since the collapse of the rial last year made the markup smugglers could charge--more than 700 per cent--so lucrative they couldn't pass up the opportunity.
in a confrontation with smugglers in Jaza on the border with Yemen.
When Ramos believed the man was about to shoot him, he fired and one of his bullets hit the fleeing smuggler in the buttocks.
Centre manager Susan Kent explained: "John was known as the Smuggler King.
The suspects include five people arrested Thursday during a raid on a mobile home park in Oxnard, where authorities said they rescued a 9- month-old girl who was being held by the smugglers attempting to collect money from her mother.
Of course the smuggler did not forget what the footprints meant.
You play the role of a freelance smuggler, initially hired by a band of corrupt Russian soldiers to ferry arms and ammunition from one location to another.
According to Carrado Bianchi, a Swiss cigarette smuggler, the companies are lying if they claim not to know about the illegal sales of their products: cigarette companies are well aware that a portion of their cigarettes are destined for the black market.
26 ( ANI ): Border Security Force (BSF) personnel on Wednesday killed one cattle smuggler at Gayeshpur in India-Bangladesh border in Dinajpur district of West Bengal.