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smuggle someone or something across something

to move someone or something across a border illegally and in secret. The terrorists smuggled one of their number across the border last night. Larry helped smuggle contraband across the border.
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smuggle someone or something into some place

 and smuggle someone or something in
to move someone or something across a border into a place illegally and in secret. The secret agent smuggled his family into the country and then defected. He smuggled in his family. smuggle someone or something out of some place and smuggle someone or something out* to move someone or something across a border out of a place illegally and in secret. Judy smuggled her cousin out of the country in a van. she smuggled out her cousin.
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smuggle someone or something past

(someone or something) to move something past a guard or monitor illegally and in secret. We failed in our attempt to smuggle Mary past the border. It is easy to smuggle wine past the border guards.
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smuggle someone or something through

(something) to move something through a guard post or other barrier illegally and in secret. The officers smuggled the child through the barrier so he could be with his mother. We smuggled some other goods through, too.
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In many cases we have seen that smugglers do not use the Delhi airport to smuggle a wildlife animal but prefer Kolkata airport.
We need whistleblowers to expose those individuals who smuggle subsidised meat meant for Bahrain's citizens and residents to neighbouring countries,' said the businessman.
The tax authorities that are already faced with a tough task of revenue generation in a difficult economic scene in the country right from the start of this fiscal year - are not willing to entertain any request from private sector for reduction in import tariff on smuggle prone items.
Jail authorities have beefed up security following increasing reports of attempts to smuggle narcotics and mobile phones into jails.
In early August, Bert Ammons of Stuart, Florida pleaded guilty to violating the Clean Air Act when he attempted to smuggle ninety 30-pound cylinders of CFC-12, also known by its trade name, Freon, in false compartments on his 41-foot boat, Sierra.
High taxes seem to be the source of a strong incentive for criminals to smuggle cigarettes and for tobacco companies to do business with these smugglers.
Undercover video of Singaporean businessmen boasting their methods used to smuggle Ramin into Singapore was obtained by investigators from EIA and Telapak, an Indonesian environmental non profit group, was released at a press conference held today at the National Press Club.
Dubai Court of First Instance was earlier told that the 53-year-old was contacted by a Pakistani friend of the Emirati -- who was already serving a four-year term for drug possession -- and offered money to smuggle forbidden materials.
Muscat: If you are planning to purchase firecrackers to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, you should immediately drop the idea as the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has issued a stern warning against firecrackers and any attempt to smuggle these highly inflammable items into the country.
Druglords use tourist hotspots to smuggle drugs to countries like UK, Israel &Canada
Hamid, a long-time drug smuggler, told Reuters, "Why smuggle opium when you can earn as much money by smuggling diesel?
Summary: Abdul Rahman Al Saleh, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Dubai Customs revealed the foiling of a major attempt to smuggle drugs into Dubai through the Cargo Village at Dubai International Airport.
The smuggling networks use a number of methods to smuggle shipments of oil and its products to neighboring countries.
But unbeknownst to them, the Mexican with Lebanese roots also was fielding calls on his cell phone from illegal Lebanese immigrants whom he secretly was helping to smuggle over the U.