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3-D sand printing technologies have greatly improved the dimensional accuracy of molds and cores but have failed to match the surface smoothness of conventional sand castings, let alone investment castings.
In aesthetic properties stiffness and smoothness appearance were checked.
Aesthetic proficiency and smoothness rankings of the dance movements revealed differences between groups and condition, p < 0.
concrete and asphalt pavement smoothness requirements.
Speaking as he travelled to Yorkshire for campaign events, he said: "There is something about me - I always manage to portray a calm smoothness or something.
Totik considers polynomial approximation on convex polytopes in Rd in uniform and Lp-norms, and proves an appropriate modulus of smoothness matching direct and converse estimates.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers used nanoclay and calcium carbonate particles to improve surface properties of paper, including smoothness and printability, as well as optical properties of printing papers.
AIMS: To demonstrate the ability of new anti-aging moisturizing products to improve overall smoothness and wrinkle depth appearance in the periorbital region via the Fast Optical in vivo Topometry of Human Skin (FOITS).
The statistical analysis proved that the breaking load, crease recovery and extension are adversely affected by the drycleaning, whereas drape and fabric smoothness have been improved.
Clinical ratings confirm the outstanding efficiency of Pentavitin, which delivers more than 50% improvement in skin smoothness and softness and more than 50% reduction in flakiness and itchiness after only two weeks of application.
The difference between them and Casanova is that Casanova loves the female body while our "seducers" in suits with their smoothness are persistently attacking only for you to circle their name on the ballot-paper.
The resulting hints of peach combine well with the vanilla smoothness induced by barrel fermentation to provide real class.
Various smoothing and equating methods ("presmoothing", "equipercentile", "kernel", and "postsmoothing") were compared across the two examples with respect to how well the test score distributions were reflected in the equating functions, the smoothness of the equating functions, and the standard errors of equating.
Based on a course taught most recently at Moscow State University, this graduate textbook introduces the theory of classical Sobolev spaces and describes the properties of measures on infinite dimensional spaces that are analogous to such properties as the existence and smoothness of densities of measures with respect to Lebesgue measure on IRn.
WHO: Academics from the Sports Engineering Research Group at Sheffield Hallam University have helped to develop a device that allows greenkeepers to accurately measure the smoothness of their playing greens.