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State departments of transportation prescribe certain smoothness levels in specifications, and often penalize or provide bonuses to contractors depending on finished pavement characteristics.
The surface of the paper coated with nanoclay in this research has relatively appropriate homogeneity and smoothness due to the high specific area of nanoclay and the difference in the shapes of particles.
Parts typically are finished in one to three exposures, depending on the smoothness desired.
The air cushion also reduces friction between the profile and plates, which improves surface smoothness.
The industry's first emulsion based on algin acid thus gives a feel of greater smoothness to users, and will be utilized in POLA's new cosmetic products from the 2006 fall.
The press and outdoor ads focus on the smoothness of the gin.
SQM will be used to evaluate surface qualities such as smoothness, roughness, pattering and texture to ensure they are within acceptable limits.
While wooden violin pegs shrink and swell with humidity and temperature changes, these all-synthetic violin pegs are unaffected by atmospheric changes and will maintain their original shape and smoothness for their lifetime.
0006-inch) layers enables detail and surface finish smoothness that rival those of competitive processes, says the company.
All River Red uses a reduced version of Stravinsky's sprawling, familiar Rite of Spring, and the dozen dancers from the Beijing Modern Dance Company (men in black Mao suits, women in Chinese-red dresses) emit an icy smoothness in counterpoint to the heated score.
The greaseless formula is absorbed quickly by thirsty skin, leaving only smoothness behind.
To ensure high-quality printing, those tubes must meet stringent requirements for surface smoothness, roundness and straightness at micron-levels.
Co-author Judith Kelman's background writing nonfiction articles and novels lends a smoothness and accessibility to Dr.
Only the diamond produced the smoothness of the original cave heads.
The magnetic media then is calendered in a stack of rollers to improve the packing of the magnetic pigment and smoothness of the media, again giving a boost in the electromagnetic performance of the media.