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Both brewing technologies spin, steam and stir during the brewing cycle, delivering beverages with a smoother flavor and taste and a more pleasant aftertaste and aroma.
Potential licensees in the beauty and wellness accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Foot Smoother on a worldwide basis.
The new recipe offers a natural vanilla flavour and a smoother texture that will appeal to consumers.
Passengers will notice a smoother, quieter ride as jointed track is replaced with continuous lengths of rail and there will be less wear and tear on the trains and the new track.
In all of the bonded sand processes, the finer the sand grains in use at your metalcasting facility, the smoother the surface finish you will attain.
At the moment the task of resurfacing and street lighting is carried out by a number of separate contractors but council chiefs say the move will provide a more integrated and smoother service for motorists.
A company news release also claims that the new shears feature smoother hydraulics, "with an overall cutting process that is smoother and reduced shock loading throughout the shear and excavator," according to the company.
This is said to provide improved control at low torque and shear rates, deliver increased sensitivity at low shear rates for smoother data, and provide a more precise static yield test capability and more information for creep testing.
Practical and cultural tips are also included to ensure smoother relationships and more successful contacts--especially with German business contacts and partners.
Sections offer simplification, clarification, and context for the Biblical text in contemporary language, but Jesus: The Authorized Biography earns its seemingly audacious subtitle by faithfully reproducing the New Testament texts (in English translation, of course--different translations of the Bible have been fused together to create a smoother holistic narrative) that speak directly of Jesus' life.
Premium cigarette brand Dunhill is following in the footsteps of many of its cigarette and cigar rivals and relaunching itself as a smoother smoke.
His whole face looks smoother, and it looks as though his eyes have been tightened too.
The new dryer is effectively three times as long as the present dryer and produces a smoother, more flexible veneer.
It is important to smooth the surface of the material with room temperature water to provide a smoother surface to contact the teeth.
The widespread use of gravure printing by European packagers also created a need for smoother board with low parker print surf (PPS).