smooth the way for (someone or something)

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smooth the way for (someone or something)

To cultivate favorable conditions for someone to do something or for something to happen. I always take the kids on a fun trip during the last week of summer to smooth the way for their return to school. I've been creating detailed notes about my work routine to smooth the way for whoever will replace me.
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smooth the way


smooth the path

COMMON If someone or something smooths the way or smooths the path for something, they make it easier for it to happen or more likely to happen. It is hoped that the talks will smooth the way to peace in the region. Working closely with parents, teachers can help to smooth the path through the early years of school.
See also: smooth, way
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In 1982, Simon Donaldson of Oxford University in England proved that not all topological four-manifolds can be constructed in a smooth way.
The anthology includes 'Only The Beginning,' which follows the story of Andi, who swears that the bright lights and smooth ways of Manila would never seduce her again.
I have already a good working relationship with Murad Ali Shah as finance minister and hope that the affairs will be run in smooth ways, Ebad told reporters.
Finding the smooth ways for a peaceful interface between freedom and stability can no longer be ignored, or, postponed
Mr Anwar may see a rosy picture in the whole scenario, but, unfortunately, things are not as good as he had tried to portray, The central bank reduced the policy rates not to boost demand for private business cohorts, but to give an arbitrage manipulation opportunity for the commercial banks to earn risk-free money and to smooth ways to invest in government securities against the reduces cost for the government.
Whether at a tea party or in an online chat, these innovative writers find smooth ways to describe a secret fantasy.
He moves in such smooth ways and has such good defensive play.
I think he moves in such smooth ways and has such good defensive play.
Curtis, The People can reveal, used his smooth ways to charm a mum-of-two in North London eight years ago.