smooth down

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smooth something down

to make something flat or smooth by pressing. she smoothed her skirt down, fluffed her hair, and went into the boardroom. Karen smoothed down the bedclothes.
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An in-salon treatment will smooth down the layers and strengthen brittle hair.
Insert rootball through an x into the soil, press to firm the plant in place, then smooth down the fabric and cover it with a 2-inch layer of mulch such as fine fir bark.
Maybe your parents can smooth down or cover any sharp spots with something like duct tape.
Starting at roots, use a boar-bristle paddle brush (Olivia Garden Supreme Brush, $15, Trade Secret) to smooth down waves.
The latter four are designed to smooth down and calm extremely dry, frizzy, uncontrollable hair.
Blow-dry hair in sections and smooth down with brush.
But Bryant was smooth down the stretch, flipping in a left-handed scoop and hitting a late 3-pointer as the Lakers pulled ahead for good.
10 soft and protective microfins to gently smooth down the skin so the blades can shave evenly and an ergonomically redesigned handle to provide ultimate control with every shave.
Line up the first strip with the plumb line and smooth down the first section along the line, gently pushing paper into the corner and edges of the ceiling.
Continue to smooth down the comic with the spoon as you work.
For other patients whose instruments press teeth into soft inner tissues, a dentist can smooth down a tooth's rough edges.
Take tucks the way you want them, smooth down, and adhere.
Conditioners, such as Redken's Smooth Down, is great for curly hair in summer months to help control the frizz.
Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin, and smooth down.
Hershesons pack of 75 grips, PS6 @ John Lewis Use a strong-hold spray to smooth down any flyaways around your face and to keep your knot in place.