smooth back

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smooth something back

to flatten and position something by pressing or smoothing. He smoothed his hair back out of his eyes. Jeff smoothed back his hair.
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Eze-Erect hardware for any size smooth back, flanged channel breakaway sign post system.
We call Australia home now, but as of Iraqi origin we are proud to participate in this election and we hope and pray that everything goes smooth back home and we get a democratic Iraq.
Tall, attractive and in his early twenties, with hair he was continually trying to smooth back from his brow, Roddy was popular with all the staff.
The smooth back fold design gives the Nokia 3610 Fold an understated elegance and its ergonomic shape - when opened - makes for a seemingly natural alignment to the human face.
Casting is one of the most difficult things about fishing, a complex process that involves a smooth back swing, catching your hook in your son's face, and then having to go to hospital (don't ask).
TOP TIPwhen buying your frames: Check they have a smooth back without any rivets or studs in.
Yes, it all seemed so smooth back then," says Rick.
Once he finds the spot, he takes a couple of smooth back casts, and - plop, plop, without the fizz - his tandem fly setup, known as a brace in fly-fishing circles, settles onto the water with an ethereal touch.
When it comes to husbands' and boyfriends' trimming habits, a smooth back tops many women's wish-lists, making the MANGROOMER, literally, the Father's Day gift that gives back.
Gently back comb the hair below the section and then smooth back into a pleat.
He may also smooth back his hair, straighten his clothes or lick his lips.
2 Next, smooth back hair into pony tail using a paddle brush and secure with a
With a strong reputation for technical knowledge and consultation combined with smooth back office operations for member services, accounting, marketing and meeting / event planning, the company has expanded in recent years into successful production of industry events and conferences in Europe and the US.
Grip the wig into place then backcomb a section of your own hair just where the wig starts and smooth back to hide the join.