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The ISO 9001:2008 certificate received by Smooth Drug Development covers the following scope of activities and processes: conduct of clinical trials for registration of pharmaceuticals for human use: planning, project management, vendor selection and management, medical writing and expertise of documents, conduct of training programs, clinical and medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, data management, biomedical statistics, quality assurance and quality control.
Coppola's Keratin Concept hair smoothing products utilize the most advanced science and technology in order to provide smooth, vibrant and healthy locks.
The complement of an intuitionistic Fuzzy smooth quasi uniform open set is an intuitionistic Fuzzy smooth quasi uniform closed set.
the latitude allowed by accounting rules, (a) smooth reported income, and (b) smooth the rate of growth of income.
SCARLETT JOHANSSON'S Hollywood waves WHAT TO ASK FOR: A smooth blow-dry with slight body.
From 6am-to-midnight on Tuesday, November 10, Edgbaston-based Smooth will dedicate all of its output to fund-raising on behalf of injured soldiers.
Tammy, who was born in Birmingham, won BRMB's Search for a Star competitionin 1995and remained at the station until her move to Smooth.
I love the guitar, as it seems to draw the listener in with its smooth, rich sounds.
We thought it would be fun to relive the kind of magic we created when smooth jazz was first getting started.
One possibility is that arsenic may alter the normal vasomotor tone of blood vessels, which rises from contractility of vascular smooth muscle cells.
Smooth Jazz Piano is a self-contained volume within the Hal Leonard Keyboard Style series.
based Triglo has won the worldwide license to market Smooth Industrial Products' "Smooth-Fuse" garment production fusing press cleaner and lubricator.
In the IBM 3590 era of long tape paths and large tape drive decks (Figure 1), unevenly stacked tape on the reels had a long time to adjust to smooth level motion over the head.