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said the figure, in a stout voice, and sending forth a courageous whiff of smoke, "I will thrive, if an honest man and a gentleman may
This he applied to his lips as often as every five or six paces, and inhaled a deep whiff of smoke, which, after being retained a moment in his lungs, might be seen to eddy gracefully from his mouth and nostrils.
As regarded Feathertop, all this resulted in a wild, extravagant, and fantastical impression, as if his life and being were akin to the smoke that curled upward from his pipe.
Smoke away, you dog,' said Quilp, turning to the boy; 'fill your pipe again and smoke it fast, down to the last whiff, or I'll put the sealing-waxed end of it in the fire and rub it red hot upon your tongue.
He was soon led on by the malicious dwarf to smoke himself into a relapse, and in that state stumbled upon a settee where he slept till morning.
Cigarette smoke contains thousands of dangerous chemicals that are unhealthy for both smokers and nonsmokers.
He told doctors, "My body forgot the urge to smoke.
Environmental Protection Agency calls secondhand smoke a hazardous carcinogen.
Limiting smoking is still a novel idea for many Latin Americans, who view any restrictions as an affront to their personal freedom and consider secondhand smoke a non-issue.
DISCUSSION: The patient was diagnosed with "hut lung," a term that refers to the noninfectious, nonmalignant respiratory manifestations of chronic, high-level exposures to biomass smoke.
A lot of her friends smoke cigarettes simply "because they're bored," Monnia says.
According to the American Heart Association, secondhand smoke is responsible for about percent of heart disease deaths.
Here's why: Research has shown that women are more likely than men to smoke as a means of regulating mood, and "sexual-minority women face more stress in their lives," says Michele Eliason, Ph.
They may be smoked, drunk in teas, used as capsules of tinctures, or even chewed Another part of quitting is to analyze relapse triggers and figure out how to avoid them, so you may want to choose not to smoke your herbs if you feel this practice will perpetuate your habit.
As many as 30,000 lives are lost every year because of wood smoke," says Mary Rozenberg0 president of Burning Issues, a nonprofit organization focusing on wood smoke pollution.