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smite someone with something

to strike someone with something. (Literary or biblical.) The silver knight approached the black knight and smote him with his sword. Please go and smite the dragon with your sword.
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The pool is fed by Smite Brook and is a haven for many birds, including tufted ducks, great crested grebes, shoveler and pochard.
The Lady Silvertree gains power and is able to smite some of the evil surrounding her, but even she cannot withstand the archwizard turned into The Serpant.
Set up high to soak in the country outlook is The Uplands at Smite Hill, Smite near Worcester, a well refurbished property available for pounds 355,000.
is offering a product designed to protect carpets from dust mites: Smite.
NBC should be praying this writer doesn't smite them.
Handling the transaction were brokers Marilyn Lissner, Susan Rosen, Alex Smite and Steve Vander Klok from Cushman and Wakefield of Illinois.