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Regarding the bad treatment of some of people with guests, Masiha said smilingly ?
Justice Jawwad S Khawaja also seconded Justice Khilji remarks smilingly saying his objective was this he does not want to keep anything secret and want to place everything before the people.
Tory leader Andrew RT Davies smilingly offered Ms Wood an olive branch.
Presenter Liz Bonnin flitted from one animal story to another almost without pause for breath as she smilingly introduced more examples of animal magic.
I think they breed them specially to be smilingly braced.
I still remember those days when there was no air-conditioning or electricity," says Shafqat Saeed as he smilingly points towards a rare collection of photographs.
But when you welcome it smilingly as many 'liberated' ones can do, death loses much of its meaning and importance.
Departing, I bought a bilingual souvenir booklet and smilingly, the woman behind the counter presented me with a gift of another booklet, about one of the several archaeological digs with which the museum has been involved.
Monica, whose links with the underworld have remained the subject of unquenched speculation, looked unaware of the gangster history of the area as she smilingly posed for photographers in dark skintight trousers topped by a dark Reebok jacket over a jazzy T-shirt, boots and a pair of large sunglasses.
I asked do I have any limits at whom I want to be what I want to accomplish, you looked at me and said "the sky is your limit", smilingly.
Every now and again, however, a sudden change of mood occurs, such as when we see Tseng triumphantly leaping into the air near the Brooklyn Bridge or smilingly leading the St.
Daniel Roy, the only child from a family of six to stay on the farm with his parents, inarticulately but smilingly explains he'd rather do anything other than farm, but he doesn't know what.
A fortune-teller once told Eliot he was 'flirtatious' and 'obstinate': he beckons and he baffles (Emily Dickinson's phrase), smilingly interposing nicknames and deliberate disguises.
Behind bars for 13 years, she smilingly tends to her cell mates, who label her "the Angel.
In Maryland, applicants must present themselves at a character interview--a smilingly impolite episode that permits a senior attorney to inquire after a new lawyer's finances and mental health.