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Pop-punk icons Less Than Jake and Goldfinger put a fun spin on urban grit, infusing a touch of third-wave ska and a smidgen of commercial-radio sensibility into their straight-ahead rock tunes.
A smidgen optimistic, that, bearing in mind Liverpool had won the first leg 10-0
thick strip of hardwood a smidgen narrower than the miter slot (so it slides without wiggling).
By the imperious Hawk Wing, this youngster cut little ice in juvenile contests last term but showed he has inherited more than a smidgen of his Dad's ability when scoring at this track 11 days ago.
There's smear of deer, flat cat, chunk of skunk and smidgen of pigeon.
Teri Polo, KaDee Strickland and Sarah Jones portray the sisters on the show; other cast members attending include the rather cute but also ickily monikered Missi Pyle (the first name, so perky and feminine, yet mispronounce it in full just a smidgen and the result sounds like you've been tromping through a poorly managed dog park).
A whiff of Twain, a smidgen of Nash, and more than a dash of post-Ferlinghetti make for an unexpectedly tasty mix.
This comprehensive survey of a living legend of classical dance captures Alonso a smidgen past her peak in 10 selections filmed between 1963 and 1985.
A smidgen of prudence is anathema to those addicted to spending other people's money.
You'll need more than a smidgen of rouge to get past the style police at Vienna's City Hall at the 12th annual Life Ball on May 21.
A smidgen of skepticism is suggested, however, by a poll recently conducted by Jane magazine.
Refreshing, modern and suitable for both day and night use, it fills the nostrils with bergamot, a hint of tangerine and lemon and a smidgen of vanilla to soften the citrussy notes.
However, according to Levin, studies show that patients generally only get a smidgen of the information they need about medications from their physicians.
Cisco Systems Inc CEO John Chambers yesterday told analysts and investors that August, usually a slow orders month for the company, was "a little bit above my expectations", injecting a smidgen of confidence into the market.
Just don't expect more than a smidgen of peppers and onions--you'll have to get your vegetables elsewhere.