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The "vile" smell has been reported in Wavertree, Dovecot, West Derby, Broadgreen, Bootle and Aigburth, where it apparently smelled like beans.
Sometimes a doctor wants to measure exactly how far away it can be smelled.
For instance, someone told me she did not like the smell of roses, because the first time she ever smelled a rose was at her mother's funeral.
Male volunteers smelled one of the tee shirts that had been worn by a female participant.
RECREATING HISTORY Find out how Cleopatra's hair would have smelled.
Even now, she says, recalling that day "makes me tear up because that orange was the very first thing I smelled.
NEWHALL - A suspected natural-gas leak Thursday night that could be smelled more than five miles from the source proved to be the chemical added in small amounts to give the normally odorless gas its distinct scent.
Hundreds of people must have smelled it and wondered what on earth was causing it.
Marven bravely volunteered to try out the stench soup and regretted it: "It really was the worst thing I've ever smelled, eye- wateringly awful, you felt like running away when you smelled it - it was absolutely offensive.
The group smelled each of the unmarked sealed containers holding the t-shirts and their reactions, heart rate, blood pressure and immune response were recorded.
No one else smelled smoke, but I wandered the house day and night, looking for a forgotten cigarette or burning pot.
PSE customer service technicians have been responding to approximately 500 calls from customers reporting they smelled natural gas escaping, but have found no significant damage to homes or businesses.
The ECHO took to the streets of Liverpool with a card to see if the public could guess what they smelled of.
June, who has two grandchildren, said: "During all the time that I couldn't smell I had to rely on memories to remember how things smelled and tasted.
This morning, standing in the shower, I picked up a bottle of shampoo that had a label, with large loud letters, proclaiming it smelled of limes.